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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2002 Edition - Part 1

Article 250

Equipment Grounding and Equipment Grounding Conductors

250.148 Continuity and Attachment of Equipment Grounding Conductors to Metal Boxes

This section was completely reworded to read:

Where circuit conductors are spliced, or terminated on equipment within a box, any separate equipment grounding conductors associated with those circuit conductors must be spliced or joined within or to the box with devices suitable for the use. Splices shall be made in accordance with Section 110.14(B) except that insulation shall not be required. The arrangement of grounding connections shall be such that the disconnection or the removal of a receptacle, fixture, or other device fed from the box will not interfere with or interrupt the grounding continuity. Figure 250–22

Exception: The equipment grounding conductor permitted in Section 250.146(D) is not required to be connected to the other equipment grounding conductors or to the box.
Intent: The revised text clarifies that equipment grounding conductors are only required to terminate to the box if the circuit conductors terminate to equipment within the box or if the circuit conductors are spliced within the box. For example, equipment grounding conductors pulled through a metal junction box are not required to be spliced together, nor are they required to terminate to the metal enclosure. Figure 250-23

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