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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2002 Edition - Part 2

Article 400

Flexible Cords and Cables

400.7 Uses Permitted

The word “stationary” was replaced with “utilization.” The subsection was revised to read:

(A) Uses Permitted. Flexible cords and cables must be used only for:
(1) Pendants
(2) Wiring of
(3) Connection of portable lamps, portable and mobile signs, or appliances
(4) Elevator cables
(5) Wiring of cranes and hoists
(6) Connection of
stationary utilization equipment to facilitate frequent interchange. Figure 400-1
(7) Prevention of the transmission of noise or vibration
(8) Appliances where the fastening means and mechanical connections are specifically designed to permit ready removal for maintenance and repair, and the appliance is intended or identified for flexible cord connections
(9) Data processing cables as permitted by 645.5
(10) Connection of moving parts
(11) Temporary wiring as permitted in Sections 527.4(B) and 527.4(C)
Intent: The revised text is intended to clarify that flexible cords can be used for any utilization equipment to facilitate frequent interchange, whether or not the equipment is stationary.

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