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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2002 Edition - Part 2

Article 555

Marinas and Boatyards

555.1 Scope

A new sentence was added, which reads:

This Article covers the installation of wiring and equipment in the areas comprising fixed or floating piers, wharfs, docks, and other areas in marinas, boatyards, boat basins, boathouses, and similar occupancies that are used, or intended for use, for the purpose of repair, berthing, launching, storage, or fueling of small craft and the moorage of floating buildings. Private, noncommercial docking facilities constructed or occupied for the use of the owner or residents of the associated single-family dwelling are not covered by this Article.
Intent: This clarifies that the requirements of Article 555 do not apply to boat docks at a single-family dwelling unit. For single-family dwellings, GFCI personnel protection is required for all 15 and 20A, single-phase 125V receptacles located outdoors or in boathouses [210.8(A)(3) and 210.8(A)(8)].    

Author’s comment: There is no definition for single-family dwelling unit, but I think it is a one family dwelling unit [Article 100]. Docking facilities at buildings containing more than one dwelling unit such as duplexes, condominiums, apartments fall under the requirements of Article 555.

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