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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2002 Edition - Part 2

Article 680

Swimming Pools, Fountains, And Similar Installations

680.26 Bonding

This section was revised to read:

(B) Bonding Together
(1) Metallic Parts of Pool Structure.
All metallic parts of the water structure, including the reinforcing metal of the pool shell, coping stones, and deck, must be bonded to a common bonding grid [680.26(C)]. Steel tie-wires made-up tight is suitable for bonding reinforcing steel together. Where the reinforcing steel is encapsulated with a nonconductive compound, provisions must be made for an alternate means to eliminate voltage gradients, which would otherwise be provided by unencapsulated, bonded reinforcing steel. Figure 680-6
Intent: The revised text requires all reinforcing steel of the water structure to be bonded to a common bonding grid and any reinforcing steel that is encapsulated with a nonconductive compound must be provided with an alternate means to eliminate voltage gradients.

Author’s Comment: A task group has been assembled to investigate this issue and to provide data to the industry on how this could be accomplished since there is no acceptable method of bonding nonconductive-coated steel. Currently only steel without a nonconductive coating can be used for swimming pools, outdoor spas and hot tubs because there is no way to use steelstructural steel with nonconductive, anti-corrosion coatings to eliminate voltage gradients.

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