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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2002 Edition - Part 2

Article 702

Optional Standby Systems

702.10 Portable Generator Grounding

A new section was added for grounding portable generators, which reads:

(B) Nonseparately Derived System. If the transfer switch for a portable generator does not switch the grounded (neutral) conductor, then the generator’s equipment grounding conductor must be bonded to the system grounding electrode. Figure 702-3

Author’s Comment: This means that the grounded (neutral) conductors of the generator must not be bonded to the case [250.142], but this rule requires the case to be bonded to a system grounding electrode, and the grounding electrode system for the building can be used for this purpose.
Intent: The new rule was added to ensure that portable generators are grounded properly so that the system will be safe. Effectively, this rule is only repeating the grounding requirements contained in Article 250.

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