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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 1

Article 90


90.2 Scope of NEC

New FPN identifies the type of organizations that may be exempt from the NEC requirements.

(B) What
Isn't Covered
. The National Electrical Code, doesn't apply to the following applications:
(4) Communications Utilities. The installation requirements of the NEC do not apply to communications (telephone), CATV, or network-powered broadband utility equipment located in building spaces used exclusively for such use or outdoors, if the installation is under the exclusive control of the communications utility.
Figure 90-1

(5) Electric Utilities. The NEC doesn't apply to electric installations under the exclusive control of an electric utility where such installations:
a. Consist of service drops or service laterals and associated metering.
Figure 90-2
b. Are located on legally established easements, rights-of-way, or by other agreements recognized by public/utility regulatory agencies, or property owned or leased by the electric utility. Figure 90-3
c. Are on property owned or leased by the electric utility for the purpose of generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, or metering of electric energy. See Figure 90-3

FPN to 90.2(B)(4) and (5): Utilities include entities that install, operate and maintain communications systems (telephone, CATV, Internet, satellite or data services) or electric supply systems (generation, transmission or distribution systems) and are designated or recognized by governmental law or regulation by public service/utility commissions. Utilities may be subject to compliance with codes and standards covering their regulated activities as adopted under governmental law or regulation.

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