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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 1

Article 100


System Bonding Jumper

A new term a€śsystem bonding jumpera€ť was added for use with separately derived systems. Previously the term a€śmain bonding jumpera€ť was used to describe the bonding jumper that was installed between the metal case of a derived system and one of the separately derived system conductors.

Bonding Jumper, System. The conductor, screw or strap that bonds the metal parts (equipment grounding (bonding) conductor) of a separately derived system to the grounded conductor (typically the X0 terminal at a transformer). Figure 100-1
Author's Comment: The system bonding jumper provides the low-impedance path to the source neutral for fault current to facilitate the clearing of the fault by opening the circuit protection device. For more information see 250.4(A)(5), 250.28 and 250.30(A)(1).

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