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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 1

Article 100


Separately Derived System

The definition for a a€śseparately derived systema€ť was revised by eliminating the list of electric energy power sources that constitute a separately derived system. Actually, the original proposal was to add a€śfuel cellsa€ť to the list. With the list removed, there's no need to keep updating the list of new power sources.

In addition, the definition was revised to clarify that a separately derived system could be supplied from a€śother than a source of electric energy.a€ť For example, a photovoltaic system is a source of electric energy, but a transformer is not a source, it's the equipment that provides the power. Small point, but you know every point counts!

Separately Derived System. A wiring system whose power is derived from a source of electric energy or equipment other than the electric utility service. Such systems have no direct electrical connection, including a solidly connected grounded circuit conductor, to supply conductors originating in another system. Figure 100-10

Author's Comment: This includes a battery, a solar photovoltaic system, a transformer, or a converter winding, where there's no direct electrical connection to the supply conductors of another system.

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