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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 1

Article 210

Branch Circuits

210.5 Identification for Branch Circuits

The requirement for branch-circuit identification was relocated from 210.4(D) to 210.5(C) and the text expanded to require circuit identification for all circuits, not just those that are multiwire.

(C) Ungrounded Conductors. Where the premises wiring system contains branch circuits supplied from more than one voltage system, each ungrounded conductor, where accessible, must be identified by system. Identification can be by color-coding, marking tape, tagging, or other means approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Such identification must be permanently posted at each branch-circuit panelboard or branch-circuit distribution equipment. Figure 210-3

Author's Comment: Electricians often use the following color system for power and lighting conductor identification:
  • 120/240V single-phase: black, red and white
  • 120/208V three-phase: black, red, blue and white
  • 120/240V three-phase: black, orange, blue and white
  • 277/480V three-phase: brown, orange, yellow and gray, or brown, purple, yellow and gray

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