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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 2

Article 400

Flexible Cords

400.5 Ampacity of Flexible Cords

New rule requires conductor ampacity correction when flexible cords are used in an ambient temperature above 86AF.

Tables 400.5(A) and 400.5(B) list the allowable ampacity for copper conductors in flexible cords with not more than three current-carrying conductors.

Where the ambient temperature exceeds 86AF, the flexible cord ampacity as listed in Table 400.5(A) or 400.5(B) must be adjusted by using the temperature correction factors listed in Table 310.16.
Figure 400-1

Author's Comment: Temperature rating for flexible cords are not contained in the NEC, but UL listing standards state that flexible cords are rated for 60AC unless marked otherwise.

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