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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 2

Article 422


422.16 Flexible Cords

New rule allows range hoods to be cord-and-plug connected, if they comply with new stringent requirements.

(B) Specific Appliances.
(4) Range Hoods. Range hoods can be cord-and-plug connected, where all of the following conditions are met.
Figure 422-2
(1) The flexible cord terminates with a grounding type attachment plug.
(2) The length of the cord must not be less than 18 in. or longer than 36 in.
(3) The range hood receptacle must be located to avoid physical damage to the flexible cord.
(4) The range hood receptacle must be accessible.
(5) The range hood receptacle must be supplied by an individual branch circuit.

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