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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 2

Article 605

Office Furnishings (Wired Partitions)

605.6 Fixed-Type Partitions

New rule requires a simultaneous disconnection means for multiwire branch circuits supplying fixed-type office furnishing partitions. Two- or three-pole circuit breakers, or single-pole circuit breakers with handle ties, can be use to comply with this requirement.

Branch circuits for fixed-type wired partitions must be of a type contained in Chapter 3. Multiwire branch circuits that supply power to the wired partition must be provided with a means to disconnect simultaneously all ungrounded conductors where the branch circuit originates.

Author's Comment: Providing a multipole breaker with common internal trip mechanism will cause all the branch circuits tied to the same breaker to take out all of the circuits resulting in unnecessary downtime. Now when John or Jan Doe decides to bring a 1,500W space heater to work and accidentally trips the breaker. Instead of 4 personal computers (PC's) going down, now it will be 12!

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