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Grounding versus Bonding



250.110 Fixed Equipment Connected by Permanent Wiring Methods—General.

Exposed metal parts of fixed equipment likely to become energized must be grounded (bonded) to an effective ground-fault current path where the fixed equipment is:

(1) Within 8 ft vertically or 5 ft horizontally of earth or grounded metal objects
(2) Located in a wet or damp location
(3) In electrical contact with metal
(4) In a hazardous (classified) location [Articles 500 through 517]
(5) Supplied by a wiring method that provides an equipment grounding (bonding) conductor of a type specified in 250.118
(6) Supplied by a 277V or 480V circuit

Exception 3: Double-insulated equipment isn't required to be grounded (bonded) to an effective ground-fault current path.

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