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Grounding versus Bonding



250.134 Grounding (Bonding)—Fixed Equipment.

Metal parts of fixed electrical equipment, raceways, and enclosures must be grounded (bonded) to an effective ground-fault current path in accordance with (A) or (B), except where they are grounded (bonded) to the grounded neutral conductor as permitted by 250.142.

(A) Equipment Grounding (Bonding) Types. Metal parts of fixed electrical equipment, raceways, and enclosures can be grounded (bonded) by any of the equipment grounding (bonding) types specified in 250.118.

(B) With Circuit Conductors. Where an equipment grounding (bonding) conductor of the wire type provides the effective ground-fault current path, it must be installed with the circuit conductors in the same raceway, cable tray, trench, cable, or cord. Figures 250.179 and 250.180

Exception 1: The equipment grounding (bonding) conductor can be run separately from the circuit conductors when necessary to comply with 250.130(C).

FPN No. 1: Where the equipment bonding jumper is installed outside a raceway, its length must not exceed 6 ft and it must be routed with the raceway [250.102(E)].

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