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Grounding versus Bonding



250.148 Continuity and Attachment of Equipment Grounding (Bonding) Conductors to Boxes.

Equipment grounding (bonding) conductors associated with circuit conductors that are spliced or terminated on equipment within a metal outlet box, must be spliced together or joined to the box with devices suitable for the purpose. Figure 250.193

Exception: The equipment grounding (bonding) conductor for isolated ground receptacles [250.146(D)] isn't required to terminate to the metal outlet box.

(A) Splicing. Equipment grounding (bonding) conductors must be spliced with a listed splicing device that is identified for the purpose [110.14(B)]. Figure 250.194

Author's Comment: Wire connectors of any color can be used with equipment grounding (bonding) conductor splices, but green wire connectors can only be used with equipment grounding (bonding) conductors.
(B) Grounding (Bonding) Continuity. Equipment grounding (bonding) connections must be made so that the disconnection or the removal of a receptacle, luminaire, or other device will not interrupt the effective ground-fault current path. Figure 250.195

(C) Metal Boxes. Where equipment grounding (bonding) conductors enter a metal box, they must be bonded to the box by a screw or device (i.e. ground clip) that is not used for any other purpose. Figure 250.196

Author's Comment: Equipment grounding (bonding) conductors aren't permitted to terminate to a cable clamp or screw that secures the plaster (mud) ring to the box. Figure 250.197

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