DVD Team for Understanding the NEC Vol. 2 (textbook & DVDs), 2017 NEC

Victor Ammons

Senior Electrical Engineer Hillsborough, NJ

Victor Ammons was born in North Carolina, but has lived primarily in New Jersey since the age of five. He spent his high school and college vacation times working in a small, family owned electrical contracting firm. Vic married his high school sweetheart after his sophomore year at North Carolina State University, from which both graduated with honors two years later. After four years in the Army, during which time their first child was born in Germany, Vic and Anne alternated getting MBA degrees. They now have three married children and six grandchildren.

After a number of years of running the family electrical contracting business while his father’s health declined, Vic trained and turned the business over to his brother-in-law. He then returned to the engineering field in which he had been trained. Vic is a registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey and has served in an engineering management role for several engineering and architectural/engineering firms. He’s now a senior electrical engineer for Jacobs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Morristown, New Jersey.

Vic and Anne now reside in west central New Jersey in an area with a few dozen families among over a thousand acres of woodlands. Yes, there are still woodlands in New Jersey; we haven’t gotten around to paving them all yet. Vic and Anne, who will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2019, are avid square- and ballroom-dancers, and are presidents of their local cluband the Northern New Jersey Square Dance Association. Vic is also a woodworker and an amateur beekeeper. Both are active in several capacities in their church.


Mike Culbreath

Master Electrician, Graphic Illustrator, Mike Holt Enterprises, Inc. Alden, Michigan

Mike Culbreath devoted his career to the electrical industry and worked his way up from apprentice electrician to master electrician. He started in the electrical field doing residential and light commercial construction, and later did service work and custom electrical installations. While working as a journeyman electrician, he suffered a serious on-the-job knee injury. As part of his rehabilitation, Mike completed courses at Mike Holt Enterprises, and then passed the exam to receive his Master Electrician's license. ln 1986, with a keen interest in continuing education for electricians, he joined the staff to update material and began illustrating Mike Holt's textbooks and magazine articles.

Mike started with simple hand-drawn diagrams and cut-and-paste graphics. When frustrated by the limitations of that style of illustrating, he took a company computer home to learn how to operate some basic computer graphic software. Becoming aware that computer graphics offered a lot of flexibility for creating illustrations, Mike took every computer graphics class and seminar he could, to help develop his computer graphic skills. He's now worked as an illustrator and editor with the company for over 30 years and, as Mike Holt has proudly acknowledged, has helped to transform his words and visions into lifelike graphics.

0riginally from south Florida, Mike now lives in northern lower Michigan where he enjoys hiking, kayaking, photography, gardening, and cooking; but his real passion is his horses.

Mike loves spending time with his children Dawn and Mac and his grandchildren Jonah, Kieley, and Scarlet.

Thomas Domitrovich

Electrical Engineer
Ellisville, Missouri

Thomas Domitrovich is an electrical engineer with Eaton Corporation’s Bussmann series solutions in the Circuit Protection Division. He has experienced in power systems engineering, sales and marketing, business development, and product management. Thomas is actively involved with the electrical industry through industry organizations including NFPA, NEMA, IEC, NECA, IBEW, the electrical training ALLIANCE, and more.

He’s the principle representative for NEMA on NFPA Code Making Panel 2 for the continued development of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70). Thomas also represents NEMA on the NFPA committee for the continued development of NFPA 73, Standard for Electrical Inspections for Existing Dwellings. In addition, he’s a LEED® Accredited Professional, a licensed Professional Engineer, and holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Gannon University.

Thomas is passionate about saving lives through the continued growth of electrical safety and is an author with a wide range of trade magazine articles and technical white papers.


Daniel Brian House

Master Electrician / Instructor
Technical Director - Mike Holt Enterprises

Brian House is a high-energy entrepreneur with a passion for doing business the right way. He’s a licensed unlimited electrical contractor having worked throughout the southeast United States since the 1990s. From single family homes to industrial manufacturing he’s enjoyed experiencing all aspects of the trade. Whether it was service work, designing energy-efficient lighting retrofits, biomass powered generators or installing solar PV systems, Brian has first-hand experience with the ups and downs of electrical contracting and a vision for its future.

Since 2000, Brian has enjoyed teaching at seminars and apprenticeship classes. He joined the Mike Holt video teams in 2010 and in 2014 joined the Mike Holt staff as the technical director. He continues to teach seminars and is actively involved in developing and teaching apprenticeship classes.

Brian and his wife Carissa have shared the joy of four children and many foster children during 19 years of marriage. When not mentoring youth at work or church, he can be found racing mountain bikes with his kids or fly fishing on Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway.

Tom Landa

Electrical Director
Shelby Township, MI

Tom Landa is currently the Electrical Director for Conti Corporation, a large multi-national contractor. He’s been affiliated with the construction/electrical industry his entire life and has worked in the trades for thirty years. Tom began as an apprentice at an early age and worked his way up through the electrical field, following his family’s preceding path. He currently holds master and electrical contractor licenses in several states throughout North America.

Tom was intrigued by this ever-changing occupation early on, and he’s continually striving to be the best he can be. Electricity and this business are Tom’s life and he believes he’s been educated from an early age to provide quality results for his customers, family, friends, and everyone he’s had the benefit of encountering in this industry. Tom believes this goal can be accomplished through dedication to one’s trade, along with a strong education base, honesty, and integrity.

When he isn’t working, Tom can be found on the basketball court coaching and teaching young athletes about the sport and a strong work ethic. He puts forth everything that God has provided to him for his family, TinaAnne, Tommaso, and Antonio. Without his family, he couldn’t be where he is today.


Chris Lohr

Senior Electrical Designer/Engineer
Broomall, Pennsylvania

Chris Lohr is a senior electrical designer/engineer at GSA in Broomall, Pennsylvania. His interest in electrical design and engineering began in high school when he built a VOX to control his room lights and stereo. He’s worked as an electrician in new homes and new commercial buildings. When he joined the USMC he was trained to be a C-130 electrical technician. Chris studied Electrical Engineering at Purdue after working at Smith, Seckman and Reid in Nashville, Tennessee designing electrical, fire alarm, and nurse call systems for hospitals all over the U.S.

He’s worked as an electrical department manager/designer at other companies designing electrical systems for schools, prisons, shopping malls, churches, Salvation Army facilities, Department of Government Service facilities, apartment complexes, and now casinos. Chris also has experience in the transmission and distribution field as a substation designer.

Chris first learned about Mike Holt while he was an electrical instructor. He used Mike’s books for many years teaching high school graduates and up to become electricians, and then another course to pass their Master Electricians’ exam. “There is no easier and better way to learn the Code than using Understanding the NEC”.

Chris spends his off time on the golf course, playing several instruments, reading, writing, and playing with his dogs. He’s a huge Boilermaker Fan and loves watching all the Philadelphia Pro sports teams. He’s also a very talented chef, having worked in 4-star restaurants as the Executive Chef.


Eric Stromberg

Electrical Engineer/Instructor  Los Alamos, NM

Eric is a Professional Engineer with a long background in the electrical industry.  He started as an apprentice electrician and worked his way up to being a journeyman.  After graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he worked in the life safety field, installing life safety systems in high rise buildings.  He went to work for Dow Chemical where he engineered major industrial systems in several countries, in addition to managing an electrical engineering department and electrical inspection department. 

Eric has also served on the electrical advisory board to the Texas department of licensing and regulation for 8 years, as well as the exam board for electrician licensing.  He has taught exam review courses for the Professional Engineering exam, was a certified continuing education instructor for electrician licensing, as well as taught electrical courses at a local college.  Eric currently teaches Code classes, in New Mexico, for electrician licensing.

Eric's oldest daughter, Ainsley, teaches for an international school in Zurich, Switzerland where she lives with her husband Nathan.  His son Austin served in the Air Force. He is a pilot and the owner of an aerial photography business and is graduating this year with a degree in Aviation logistics.  His youngest daughter, Brieanna, is a singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas.