Mike Holt
  What Students and Instructors Say About Us
  From: Kevin Cook
To: sean@mikeholt.com
Subject: Contact Us Form Submission


Thanks to you, Sarina and Ilene for your help with books and materials, I passed my California Electricians certificate the first time.

You were correct...Mike has put together very thorough and helpful study and practice material.

Thanks again!!!


From: Dan Rader
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Contact Us Form Submission

Just finished your comprehensive exam prep and passed my masters exam on the first try. Many thanks for the excellent prep. It means a lot to me personally that Mike dedicates his work to God. Believe me, about three hours into the exam, there was some serious praying going on! Please thank all concerned (especially Sean) for all the help and encouragement along the way. God bless you all.

Dan Rader

From: Jennings, Peter (Windham)
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: RE: Mike Holt Enterprises Invoice


Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I just received the Standard Theory Library and can not begin to thank Mike enough for all his hard work and dedication to the electrical field. As a teacher in a vocational high school, I teach the benefits of hard work and dedication. Mike and the entire crew at Mike Holt Enterprises are a fine example to emulate. Thank you again.

Windham Regional Vocational High School
Willimantic CT.

From: jhawksfarm@hotmail.com
To: exams@mikeholt.com
Subject: Thank You

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to thank you for making a great book. I studied your "Electrical Exam Preparation" book for three months, then took the state Master Electrician's Exam. I just got my test results back. I passed, attached to my test results was a hand written note that said " Highest Master Exam Score Ever on First Try! Congratulations." Needless to say I'm a happy camper. My score was 94%. Thanks to your book I was prepared for every question on the test.

Thanks Again,

Oscar Hawkins

From: jkburneff@afo.net
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Greetings Dear Sarina,

I'm now teaching back to back classes for the ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors ,Inc.) Electrical school sponsored by Cerritos community college. I recieved the two free books ,Illustrated Changes to the NEC 2002 edition and the illustrated book of code changes 1999. Beautiful work and great material really makes teaching the code classes easier. Thankyou my order will soon follow .

Jim Burneff

From: joecrossley@juno.com
To: Sarina@MikeHolt.com
Subject: Florida Alarm I


I attended your exam prep course last October and passed the state exam with great ease.

Thank You,

Joseph A. Crossley

From: jennycalhoun1943@juno.com
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Re: Shipment received


I received the Grounding & Bonding training material and I can't thank you enough. Its fabulous. I'll pass on the word about Mike Holt Enterprises every chance I get!

Have a great day.


From: maxnshar@countrychalet.org
To: Sarina Holt
Subject: Power Point


I want to let Mike know that the Power Point CDs you sent for UNEC 1&2 are great! I use them in my Electrical Technology classes frequently. Thank you all for your work in providing useful materials for my program.


Max Hudson
Mercer County Technical Education Center

From: Ken Randall <kenr@willamalane.org>
To: mike@mikeholt.com
Subject: quality site


I have ordered some of your "classes" in the past and today ordered two more for my CEU requirements. I took a minute to look at the free stuff. I really appreciate the information and your knowledge you are willing to share for free. Having been an electrician for more than 20 years now I have to admitt I forget some of the details that actually make this career interesting, or at least get a little rusty. So I appreciate having access to important information I can refresh myself with. I was looking at the conductor sizing and protection example and info. (which is one of the coursesa I ordered) and it is excellent. That is the kind of detail that good electricians need to remember. Thanks again for your help with that.

God Bless You and Sarina!!
Ken Randall

From: Ana Cavnar [mailto:acavnar@bellsouth.net]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: John Cavnar - Test


I meant to let you know last week. It is official: JOHN CAVNAR PASSED his test!

We are so greatful for everything Mike Holt Enterprises has done. John said he doesn't think he would have passed the test without taking the class.

Thanks again,

Ana Cavnar

From: Matt Bartlett [mailto:Mbartlet@ci.lacey.wa.us]
To: sean@mikeholt.com
Subject: RE: 99 Calculations Answers


Thank you so much, you're a life saver. Mike's Journeyman Prep Book helped me score a 92 on my EL01 test last Friday! I'm sure I'll reap the benefits of his study materials on my Administrators test this week as well!

Thanks again,


From: Michael Paolucci [P-D-A@webtv.net]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Re: Mike Holt Enterprises Invoice

Hello, I would like to thank you for sending the guide books and questions. They really helped!!! I am now a Master Electrician Thanks to Mike Holt and company.......


From: billsci@earthlink.net
Guestbook Entry

Thanks to a Mike Holt publication, an NFPA publication on code changes and your response to my request for help on May 29, we were able to present a solid case for our argument that we had complied with the requirements of the NEC as it pertains to Art. 110-14(C). Even though we were unsuccessful in persuading our inspector directly, we did succeed by appeal to his superiors at the state level. Again thanks for your help. You provide a valuable service. We have saved a lot of time and material and avoided delaying the job. By the way, it was an inspector in the city of Dayton, Ohio who made me aware of your web site.

Mark Jacobsen

From: guytuico@kmart.com
Guestbook Entry

Keep up the good work Mike. You have done so much for the the improvement of the knowledge base of the Electrical Trade Industry. You are really an asset to the Electrical community. If there is a special place for Electrical Gurus in heaven, I would probably find you there, sometime in the long future.
Thanks for sharing your talent and gift with everybody!

Augusto G. Uytuico

From: nicholas1@llnl.gov
Guestbook Entry

I discovered Mike Holt in 1993. His books and courses are invaluble for anyone involved in the electrical construction industry. His knowledge, vitality and perseverance are inspirational; he verges on being a force of nature.

Marc C. Nicholas

From: Peter Britz [mailto:pbritz2@comcast.net]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: RE: Well we did it again Hi Sarina.

Thanks for all the great educational material you folks are producing, Am using your books in the field to explain code rules to contractors that I inspect and in the clasroom with the apprentices to illustrate what the Code language translates to in their everyday work.
Thanks again and a big hello to Mike.Peter

From: Tom Anton
To: ilene@mikeholt.com
Subject: RE: Mike Holt Enterprises [ online training course ]


The Mike Holt online NEC upgrade course was excellent. I especially like the format and the fact that I could work on my progress (from home or the office) as my time allowed. The mix of online video, code illustrations and the interactive questions really reinforced the material. It would be great if you had a study course for the entire code that followed a similar format. What a great way to improve our understanding of the code. Keep up the great work!

Tom W. Anton
Principal/Project Manager
231.724.4012 Direct
231.206.5281 Cell

231.722.1691 Main
231.722.1690 Fax

From: Roger Coffey
To: Mike@MikeHolt.com
Subject: 2002 Review

Mr. Holt,

I would just like to tell you how much I enjoyed Saturday's review. My father had heard you speak some time ago at a continuing education class given by Lake County and was very impressed. Working with my grandfather and father for over sixteen years in our family business, I heard both of them speak of you often. I wish that I had the chance to hear you speak sooner. As I left, I found myself very inspired to learn more and to pass on my experiences.

Roger L. Coffey
Leesburg, Florida

From: Jack Zahrly [mailto:czarstoo@themacisp.net]
To: info@mikeholt.com
Subject: Need for Info

The June 13, 14 Orlando course was my first Continuing Course and it was great !


Jack Zahrly

From: BARTOLO VARGAS [mailto:loboblj@msn.com]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Question
My name is Jesus Vargas, I am Electrical Engineer from Mexico, and I have lived in Elgin IL for 2 years, I came here to study English and I found that I can get my license as an electrician here, I have been studying to get my license with the book "Electrician's Exam Preparation based in the NEC 1999" and let me tell you, this is a great book!. In Mexico I am electrical instructor in a public technical school, now I have to go back to Mexico and start teaching again, I would like to know if I can get the free material you offer to instructors because I know for sure that it will be great material to use with my class, if yes, I am interested in the Electrical Calculations package or Electrical Theory package.

I will always be grateful if you could give me the opportunity to have your material.
thank you for your time.

Jesus Vargas

From: Robert Mcguire [mailto:rsmsr001@yahoo.com]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Re: FREE Books and Video for Instructors

Hello Sarina,

I just passed my masters test first time around and could not have done it without mikes books and video package I bought. Best money I ever spent. I can't thank you and Mike enough.

Thanks, Robert Mcguire.

From: Mike Hearn - Building Inspector Supervisor
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: RE: Mike Holt Enterprises Invoice

Everyone I have dealt with in your organization has been courteous, generous, helpful and enthusiastic. How refreshing!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you,
Mike Hearn
Building Inspection Supervisor
City of Hesperia
15776 Main St.
Hesperia, CA 92345
(760) 947-1223

From: Harbertjim@aol.com
To: Sarina@MikeHolt.com
Subject: Exam Preperation


I just want to write and say thanks. Well over a year ago, I bought the motherload from your website for the 99 code, as well as all the rest of the videos. I never got around to watching any of them because of an extremely busy schedule. I have been an apprentice so long, working for my brother's company, and I never had any time to be able to take any classes at all. I wanted to be a Journeyman. So this year, I decided to take the test.

Rarely had I ever even used the codebook, all my training was "on-the-job". I started studying in January, and with only watching the code videos, I passed my test the first time with an 80%. Now I know that is not the greatest score, but well above passing. And frankly, I was amazed at how well prepared I was for this test. I almost expected to go into this and not pass the first time. I have to admit, if you can work out Mike's practice questions, then you can pass the test!!! This has also peaked my interest alot into becoming a "complete" electrician, not just a laborer who has a card, or a master who has just passed The Test. I want to be the best electrician I can be. Meaning, I not only want to know the information, I want to be able to completely understand it, and explain it.
Anyhow, I realized I paid a hefty sum for the whole lot of stuff, but in the end, it has proven to be worth every penny!!!!

Thanks again!!!

Jim Harbert

From: Jeff Grovom [mailto:j_grovom@yahoo.com]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Thanks WOW!!

Mike's material just gets better and better!

Today I received the power point to accompany the exam prep book and I am so excited to teach using this material. I am including your exam prep book in with next years 5th year students.

I started using your material back in 1995 and have benefited greatly by using it. I scored a 94% on my journeyman test and a 96% on my Masters test a few years later.

I left the gold mine last September and since have been teaching apprentices in Montana as well as teaching around the USA for a national training company. I will pass along my recommendation to them as well.

Thanks to you all and to you Mike for all of the hard work and the time you have put into the industry.

Especially for making this material available to us instructors and keeping it affordable.

Thanks again Mike and Sarina for your help on my career!

Jeff A. Grovom
Master Electrician # 6114EM
Member NFPA # 218105
Member IAEI # 6064929
Member ISA # 32145445

From: Larry Brasier
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Thank You

I hold classes to teach employees and others interested about the NEC. It is a requirement for employees to be able to understand and use the NEC. I purchased your class training material last year and it really helps employees to understand the code. You would be surprised to know what they do not teach in schools around here. ...

Thank you, Larry Brasier

From: kashby@transedge.com
To: mike@mikeholt.com
Subject: Customer Comments


I recently purchased the NEC 2002 Code book. I wanted the spiral bound; soft cover because I work in the field a lot and feel this would be more convenient. I just wanted to drop you a note and say, from the ordering process to the delivery and all the free stuff included with the book was well worth the investment. I also subscribe to your newsletter and find it helpful and beneficial for me personally and to my career.

So many times complaints are all a company hears, but I would like to say thanks for everything and keep up the super work!

Kevin Ashby

From: chuck@apsinc.biz
To: mike@mikeholt.com
Subject: CEU


I recently purchased and went through your 2002 Code changes and 2002 Grounding courses, both courses were excellent, and I recommended them to anyone involved in the electrical industry, your common sense and real world application is refreshing.You truly are performing a great service to our industry.

God Bless you,

Chuck Polson P.E.

From: malone_kathleen@hotmail.com
To: Mike@MikeHolt.com
Subject: Seminar in Waterbury CT


The seminar in Waterbury CT. was excellent. I knew about you from the web site and through books you have written that I have read, but to see you in person only strengthen my belief that you are very skilled in the electrical trade.Your knowledge,straight to the point attitude,and humor made that day very worthwhile.


From: cons_1@netzero.net
To: webmaster@mikeholt.com

The grounding and bonding seminar that I went to in Newton MA on 4/29/03 was very informative and I learned a lot about the things which I thought I knew. Mike's teaching style was wonderful. I hope to attend another seminar when he comes around my way again.

Thank you.

Suggestions? More seminars about the NEC

From: rsaint@sihope.com
To: mike@mikeholt.com
Thanks Just wanted to thank you guys for a terrific web site. I just got the results for the MN Alarm and Communication test(soon to be the "power limited tech" license), and I passed the test with a score of 98. I attribute part of this success to your free NEC code quiz. I found the code quiz to be of tremendous help in preparing for the open book code portion of the test, as well as the downloadable "Guide to Low Voltage". As it turns out your company's courses are approved by our Board of Electricity, so I may be purchasing a course in the near future to keep my soon to arrive license current.

Again, thanks and I've told many associates in MN who are preparing for the Power Limited Tech. license to check out your web site..

Bob St.Amant

From: duke@copperhead.com
To: mike@mikeholt.com


I just finished your Grounding DVD's, and they were awesome. You did a great job with the video clips at the end of each of the sessions: this made the program more like a hands on class.

Your attitude towards the code is right on the money, this was my first year as an alternate on CP-13 and I was amazed at how special interests played a part in the code making process.

Keep up the great work, the industry badly needs people of your caliber.

Duke Schamel
Copperhead Electric, Inc.
2560 W. Woodland Dr.
Anaheim, CA 92801

From: DCraven@MojaveElectric.com
To: ilene@MikeHolt.com

Mike, I would like to offer many thanks on your training video about Harmonics. I purchased it two years ago.

I had a reason to revisit the video recently because I will attend a seminar with Powercet and Dranrz BMI on power quality. Your video has giving me a better understanding than I would had not had previously.

Dan Craven
Mojave Electric

From: AHavens@usg.com
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Thanks!!!

Hello Sarina,

Thank you for your kindness and warmth as we visited you Monday. The books, cd's, dvd's, and video's are great!!!; just what I have been looking for. The apprenticeship course we have been wanting to use Mike's training materials along with is produced by The National Center For Construction Education And Research. (NCCER) On page 4-20 there is a profile of Mike's successes in the electrical industry.

Thanks again, and you will be hearing from us with more orders soon.

Ray (Seth) Stephens

From: electricohm@netzero.com
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Mike Holt Enterprises

Hi Sarina,

I apologize for not sending you and Mike a thank you sooner. I must say that you and Mike have been a tremendous source of help in my endeavor to provide meaningful training to our master and journeyman electricians. Your recent contribution to us of Mike's training program on Grounding is but one of several examples. I'd like you to know that this course offering is targeted for our laid-off and short-week employed electricians (which will run Tuesdays in the AM). Further, tuition and course material totally free, thanks to you and Mike. I felt this would give opportunity not only to expand their knowledge but something to look forward to. I plan on this course running this summer as well! Sarina, I would love to have a digital camera for all the reasons we had discussed, unfortunately I haven't the resources as yet. I sincerely extend 2 thank you's: To you Sarina, for your kindness and prompt responses and to you Mike, for your technical expertise(s) and contribution(s) to this industry of ours.

God Bless to you both, be safe.
Mr. John L. Cyr J.A.T.C.
Milwaukee and Kettle Moraine Area-Wisc.
Continuing Education Coordinator

From: don.zip@dol.net
To: Mike Holt
Subject: Wow! How can you top your Video Player?


I just played your 250.104 video and it was great, outstanding, fabulous.

Now I know what I will be doing as soon as I have time.

Don Zipse

From: jpmcintyre@comcast.net
To: mike@mikeholt.com
Subject: book

Dear Mike, I just wanted to write you to tell you how very thankful I am to you for the 99 masters prep book you wrote. It was very easy to use and very helpful. I live in Baltimore and work for the utility here as an electrician. Unlike most of my coworkers I never attended a formal apprenticeship program. Just a vocational school when in high school, where I took the electrical program. The book was so understandable and the calculations so easy to learn.

I studied your book for 8 months after I took a calculations refresher. On 1- 28-03 I took the Marylandstatewide masters exam and passed on the first try, in fact I was so prepared I finished the test in 2 hours. I didn't even realize I was done until I hit a key that said end, and it started grading the test and about 3 seconds later it said congratulations you passed. With all of the downsizing utilities are doing lately I thought I better prepare myself. Last year my work group went from 20 to 10 people, and @35 I thought I better have a backup plan. All the time I was studying I hoped and prayed I would someday be writing you this letter.

Again many thanks, GOD Bless you ,

john mcintyre

From: redwoodk@codecheck.com
To: Sarina@MikeHolt.com
Subject: Missing Powerpoint slides

I wanted to let you know, I'm loving the Powerpoint show you provided with the books we ordered (IEE). They are dense with information. Your illustrations are the best! Thanks for getting them to me so quickly.

Help With Building Codes
Redwood Kardon

From: DavidPer94@aol.com
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Thank you

Mike thank you so very much for your help in forming ANECI. The web page looks great and will a big help to all of us.
Your DVDs of Grounding and Bonding is being a big help to me and is VERY PROFESSIONAL done, so is NEC Practice Questions, which I use in my class.

Keep up the good work and may God bless you.

David B Perry, Instructor
Chattanooga State Community College

From: Shaw1614@wmconnect.com
To: mike@mikeholt.com
Subject: Thank You

Mike, I thank you for your the everyday language you use in your book and training packages on the NEC. It really makes life easier for a trainer and worker in the electrical field. Your instruction is like reading The Everyday Bible compared to The Kings James version.

Ms. Sarina has assisted me for some years, helping me get the correct books and training packages. She just sent me the Grounding and Bonding package. This package is great! I am glad to know the grounding and bonding code in the right way. She sure knows your books and packages and always get me the right one.

Thank you,
Victor Shaw

From: Tcelectricco@aol.com
To: ilene@MikeHolt.com
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Mike,

I wanted to write to let you know that with the help of your videos I just passed my Master's the first time with a 89%. I would recommend/endorse your videos to anyone. Your videos made it very easy.

Thank you again, Chris Wood

To: 'sarina@mikeholt.com'
Subject: Thank You

Found your books very easy to understand and a great help in understanding the often hard to understand NEC. The pictures/drawings are the best, even
easier than the handbook.Please let me know when volume 2 is available, so I can order it also. I look foreward to dealing more with you in the future.

Leo J. Meade Jr.
Huntsman Polyurethanes
349 Prosser Ave.
Williamstown NJ 08094-8635

To: 'sarina@mikeholt.com'
Subject: Thank You

Company: Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power
29303 Poppy Meadow St
Canyon Country CA 91387

I have some of your products from my days as a trainer and safety supervisor, and found them to be quite good. I thought it was about time that I ordered some more. As you can imagine, we have some interesting issues regarding grounding and bonding, and I found your website information over the years to be excellent.

I'm also looking forward to your ideas on estimating, although it is a slightly different game when it is for internal use in a government owned utility!

From: jhawksfarm@citynet.net
To: 'sarina@mikeholt.com'
Subject: Thank You

I bought a copy of your book "Electrical Exam Preparation" awhile back. After working through the book for two months I took the state of West Virginia Journeyman's Exam. I just got the results, I scored 90% on the exam. Just wanted to say thank you. I felt I was well prepared for the exam thanks to your book. I will recommend it to all my electrical friends.Thanks again,
Oscar Hawkins

From: Moses, Bill [mailto:Bill.Moses@encompass.com]
To: 'sarina@mikeholt.com'
Subject: EC Course


I just wanted to drop a line & tell everybody THANKS!! I passed the Unlimited test the 1st time & would advise anybody planning on taking the exams to definitely take the courses. John was great @ motivating & making an otherwise boring time interesting & informative.

Thanks Again!

Bill Moses
Vice President
Business Development
Pomeroy Electric Incorporated
Phone: 954-427-0705 Fax: 954-360-9879

From: Pandya, Dilip A - Jersey City, NJ [mailto:DPANDYA@email.usps.gov]
To: Info@MikeHolt.com
Subject: Grounding /Bonding Videos And DVPQ seminar PA

Mr. M. Holt

The Maintenance Managers of the United State Postal Services At New Jersey International Bulk Mail Center would like to express our appreciation and thank you for clarifying several Grounding& Bonding myths. Your videos are great. Our electricians watched the videos and had positive comments, specifically, clarifying some misconceptions they had for sometime. We learned a lot, and now, we need to digest and reinforce some of the safety issues that you repeatedly emphasized during the seminar.

Specifically, we liked the end of the videos, where you conducted actual experiments, and proved / disapproved some of the myths. Excellent presentations and demonstrations of, "touch potential, open neutral, measuring ground and ground rods resistance, etc."

Thanks for your continued and effective efforts in reemphasizing the safety issues, and providing clear understandings / interpretations of NEC codes and other electrical items.


I purchased a Gaussmeter because of your newsletters “Does an electrician need a Gaussmeter” http://www.mikeholt.com/news/archive/html/master/Should_an_Electrician_have_a_Gaussmeter_03-26-2002.htm and played with it and read the book “Tracing EMF's in Building Wiring and Grounding” http://www.mikeholt.com/technical.php?id=EMF/technicalEMFnewslettersmenu (scroll down). I got your Grounding and Bonding tapes, and you talk about 'Objectionable current', and at the end of the first tape Karl Riley (who wrote Tracing EMF's in Building Wiring and Grounding) was on explaining 'Net current'.

Anyway recently a customer called and wanted some work done at a new building he had purchased, so I took the gaussmeter along. While I was at the 208/120, three-phase sub-panel, I turned the gaussmeter on and it went " Nutz." Wow, I am thinking got a live one here. I got out my clamp on ammeter and determined that there was sufficient “Objectionable Net Current” flowing on the feeder conduit (just like you taught me on the tape). I opened up the panel and sure enough the neutral was improperly bonded to the case. I got the job and fixed the problem. Just amazing

Thanks again for the help and insight.

Mark Gray GraysRoot3@aol.com

Dear Mike:

Thank you for great teaching materials. I use your DVD, textbooks, and PowerPoint presentations in my classes and the students and administrators are astounded!

I configured a PC to run your DVD presentation with enough computer-power to simultaneously run a half dozen PowerPoint presentations and the 2002 Handbook.

We are able to seamlessly multitask among all this information in order to demonstrate the NEC to the students in living color, animation, sound, and print. If a question arises during the DVD, we switch to the written code for the exact language, and then to PowerPoint for a graphic illustration or two, together with a few of my added written fly-ins, and then switch back to your DVD to continue the show. We are now able to breath life and excitement into the code and have some fun learning it. I understand that people learn better while listening to Baroque music in the background and will be trying to overlay background sound effects in the future.

I feel like a movie producer, rather than an electrical instructor! This grand production makes the two-hour class session seem like 30 minutes and EVERYONE in the classroom is learning the NEC like never before!

Sincerely, Jim Berg
Beloit, WI 53511
Phone: 608-365-8037
Email: JimBerg@Inwave.com

From: McLain, Gary [mailto:Gary.McLain@gd-ais.com]
To: 'Sarina@MikeHolt.com'
Subject: Direct Current Reference Needed = Kudos

Sarina / Mike,

I'm looking for reference publications that cover overall installation standards, methods, guidelines, etc. for direct current distribution. This would be applicable to large communication systems, from battery stack to end-use equipment.

The NEC touches very lightly on DC systems. Ideally, a quasi-NEC for Direct Current applications would be of great value. None of the publications that
I've reviewed have really cut to the chase on this subject.

Let me know if you are aware of anything on the market that would address this area of electrical installation specialization.

Gary McLain

PS - Great job on the Business Management newsletters. I liked them so much, I bought the book. I've worked in the electrical & communications contracting industry for 30+ years and recently received a Bachelor of Science - Business Management degree after many years of night school. This book really ties the trade and the business aspects together nicely.

To: Mike Holt
From: Dan Maas, ncre@mcn.org
Subject: In-House Training Works

Mike, I just wanted to write to you regarding the materials that we received from you, for the Journeyman Electrician Training.

We are a small company in California and there has been recent legislation which is going to require all Electricians to be certified in our area. Because of this, there is a scramble to prepare for the upcoming testing for this certification.

We decided to go with your materials because we knew that you have dedicated his life to teaching the codes and theory behind every successful electrician. It was a hard decision as there was considerable pressure to go with the local group and take the course they were offering. We opted to go with Mike Holt Enterprises, Inc. for the following reasons:

1. We wanted to do an in-house program

2. We wanted an instructor that had a proven track record.

3. We wanted an organized and structured approach that has been successful in the past.

4. We wanted to be able to control the process, pausing and reviewing when necessary, to insure that everyone involved would be able to keep up and understand the materials.

We have been meeting for several weeks now, every Tuesday evening for a three hour class, and are extremely pleased with your materials. Your style of presentation, positive outlook, good humor and realistic approach has been excellent. You can really tell you have been through this material many times and you know it very well. We have found the content to be just right.

The materials presented are the important things without a lot of unnecessary stuff to sift through. From the layout of the text to the progression of information covered it has all been expertly presented and easy to absorb. Our communications with your office and your willingness to assist us has been top notch. Keep up the good work.

Oh, by the way, the other group is also using your Exam Preparation text book. That pretty much says it all doesn't it??

Our regards to you and the staff,

Dan Maas, ncre@mcn.org
North Coast Refrigeration & Electric, Inc.
Fort Bragg, California

From: Clint [mailto:cbailey@iowajatc.org]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Book review

Hi Sarina. I received on Tuesday the first package you had sent. I reviewed the "Electrical Exam Preparation" text. Currently it is in the hands of several of our fifth-year apprentices. They took the exam last spring using the _____ product. So I felt they could give me a good comparison. After they give me feedback, I'll pass it on to the other instructors. I can tell you at this point that I will recommend to our Director that we drop _____'s product and go to Mike's. The first thing that impressed me about the text was was to whom Mike dedicated the book. Myself being a Christian, I was impressed with Mike's courage to step-out and place that dedication in the book.

Regarding content, I feel the graphics and color are superior to what we are currently using. I also liked the format of each chapter and the fact that rather than purchase two or three _____ texts, this one text seems to accomplish what is covered by three separate _____ texts.

The only negative issue that I personally feel about the text, is that there at times seems to be too much information jammed together on one page. I realize that there is a bunch of material to cover and if you increased font size or spread things out, the book will become thicker, but looking from a student's perspective, some of those busy pages can be overwhelming. Our students get step-by-step lectures each week while they are in the classroom and we typically use the text as a reference to enhance their own study time in between school weeks. Because of this, I don't see our students being bothered by this concern however, I was thinking of an individual out there who doesn't have the benefit of classroom instruction and may be studying on his/her own. Again, its just my own personal observation.

I should have a definitive decision on whether to switch texts within the next week. At that time, if we decide on Mike's text we'll probably place an order to stock our retail library. Again if we go to your text, since we instruct exam preparation classes throughout the state, we'll then begin using and endorsing this text in all our classes. We will also look at including this text in our fourth-year text book order that is placed during the summer break. We add this type of text in the fourth year due to much of the year being devoted to preparing for the Experior exam that is given here at our state training center.

The only question I currently have is what is the price of the Exam Preparation text and are there price breaks for quantity?

One other thing, after we receive the grounding package, I'll let you know what the opinion is on it also. We currently use the _____'s grounding text in our curriculum.

Thanks for reading this long email. Take care.

Clint Bailey, RCDD

Iowa Electrical Apprenticeship

To: <sarina@mikeholt.com>
Subject: Thank You

I just wanted to say thanks for the top notch service provided by Mike Holt Enterprises, especially from Sarina Snow. Sarina breaks her back to make sure that the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College has all the textbooks and support materials that we need before each class begins. She is a pleasure to work with.

Your company's texts and support materials are top-notch. I appreciate all of the free instructor guides, desk copies of textbooks, and support material that you provide. Keep up the good work. I look forward to
working with your company and especially Sarina in the future.


Curtis Nielsen
Trades and Apprenticeship Program Director

From: Ziarc@neo.rr.com
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Thanks

The Understanding The National Electrical Code and Workbook are the best things to come along in a long time. The Workbook directs your logic in a way not possible with another study method. The work on the illustrations alone is mind boggling. The book can be studied from any level, as an introduction to the NEC or as an in depth analyses with personal insights and notes written by Mike himself. If anyone needs to learn the NEC quickly, your books fill the bill !

Crail Floyd

From: Colleen Stone [mailto:stonec@canton.edu]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: RE: Books

Dear Ms. Snow

The copy of the NEC Code that I received, " Understanding the National Electrical Code, Volume 1 is excellent. I would like to receive a desktop copy of the "Electrician's Exam Preparation book also. My students take a 1 credit course on how to basically read the NEC code book would like to know how much it cost for Volume 1 and 2? I presently have 45 students, they have seen the copy of volume 1 that you sent me and really like it. It makes understanding the NEC so much easier. Some students learn by visual, hands on and hearing, this makes it easier for them.

Thank you,
Colleen Stone
EC&M, School of Engineering Technology
SUNY Canton

From: Carlos R. Hernandez T.
To: black-hole@mikeholt.com

Dear Sirs,

Let me first state that I have been receiving and enjoying your newsletter since last year. I am an electrical engineer graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) in 1974. I have been an electrical contractor in Caracas, Venezuela since then. Have done electrical design and manage installations for two TV Stations, many residential buildings and homes, two metro station, marinas, airports, hangars, office buildings. Thanks for your time,


Carlos R. Hernandez

From: Michael Michaud [mailto:michaudm@nashua.edu]
To: 'sarina@mikeholt.com'
Subject: review copies
Thank you for the book on illustrated guide to the code I think it's a great book very easy to read compared to what I have used in the past. As soon as I can get approval I plan on order some for my students.

From: Crowe, L Terry. [mailto:tlcrowe@dmacc.edu]
To: Sarina Snow (E-mail)
Subject: Books

Hi !
Just a thank-you note. I got the code update books and other stuff OK. Thank you very much for your help! This will be a great class and I know everybody attending will go home full. That was really nice of you to replace my stolen videos & stuff. I have always sent people to you but I am sure you will be getting lots more because of things like that. Most companies just look at bottom line and would never even consider something for free or discounted below cost. I won't send them just for free stuff but the idea that if something bad does happen you & mike are real people! I also make sure my boss is aware of things like this.

In my non profit school it is hard to get needed or wanted items without "justification !" It's hard to expand "out-of-the-box" with programs when you have to show numbers for something that has never been done.Even then the first class may be small or maybe huge and the second class bombs. To increase my knowledge I usually buy the books out of my own pocket and write it off at year end taxes. Some of the publishers are good about "desk copies" but not always and sometimes they will let you preview for only for
a week or so and if it doesn't come right back you get billed! Not to count the cost of shipping it back.

Thanks again,
I sent a contractor (Curt Hill from Rogers Electric & Plumbing) your way for
information on bidding and managing projects. Hope you can help him.

Terry Crowe

From: Cascio, Mike [mailto:mcascio@misschem.com]
To: 'sarina@mikeholt.com'
Subject: RE: Training Library

The training is going very well. I have 9 electricians that I am currently training.The information we received has been very useful. I would recommend this course in the future.

From: james piercy [mailto:jpiercy33@msn.com]
To: sarina snow


The class in National Electrical Code Fundamentals at a local industrial site is going very well. I was originally hired to teach this class to 10 individuals - 6 apprentices and 4 journeymen. The training director was reluctant to admit any more to the class because the training budget is tight and he did not want to spend money of books and resources. After the class started , the word quickly got out that the class was a excellent class and several more workers requested to be admitted. Four additional students were allowed to attend and as you know I ordered 4 more books. The third session was held this last Monday and I was asked if I could take two more. Hence the order for two more books. The class is a lot of fun because in using the power point illustrations , persons don't have to keep their nose in the book and I can maintain good eye contact and see if persons are mastering the material. The power point also really enhances the book material because the illustrations are "real world" , something the students have typically seen before, and can easily relate to the workplace. The power point also makes it easy for the instructor to prepare for class--I typically spent about 45 minutes preparing a lesson plan and getting ready for the class. I have taught several courses in Programmable Logic Controllers at this facility and this is the first time in my experience that students are reluctant to leave the class after 3 hours. I might add the men are taking this class on their own time which says that they are enjoying the class and are learning the material Jim Piercy

From: ejw4327@excite.com [mailto:ejw4327@excite.com]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: RE: Feedback

My thanks go to mike and yourself for the tremdous positive impact you folks have had on the industry. As i have told my son`s and students and fellow workers ,education,education is the key to improve 0nes self and industry


Ed Wanamaker

From: KEVIN GUNTER [mailto:kgunter@mntechnology.com]
To: sarina@MIKEHOLT.com
Subject: Graphics in Understanding the NEC


Please let Mike know how much I am enjoying the new Understanding the NEC textbook. I am so impressed with all the new graphics. Several different texts are used in our program and there is no comparison when in comes the new book.

Thanks for producing such a useable product.

Kevin R. Gunter
Moore Norman Technology Center

From: Mike Jennette [mailto:mjennette@attbi.com]
To: Mike HoltThanks for your great books they really are easy to follow and my students seem to understand the information more than with the last books I was using.

Mike Jennette

From: Tilley, Franklin [mailto:Franklin.Tilley@dgs.ca.gov]
To: 'sarina@mikeholt.com'
Subject: RE: Feedback

Thanks once again. I find your information and books are easily read and understood, and the format is simple. My fellow instructors and I both wanted to express our approval.

Franklin Dale Tilley
Supervisor of Building Trades
Capitol Historic Area 2

From: wdejardin@nwtc.edu [mailto:wdejardin@nwtc.edu]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Re: Feedback Sarina,

I am currently using Mike's Understanding The NEC in our Electrical/Instrumentation Apprenticeship program. It is an ongoing program with approx. 70 students. Please send me anything you feel that would support our adventure with the NEC.

The Understanding text and study guide is a great tool for us. This is our seventh or eighth year of using it.

Warren De Jardin
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
2740 West Mason Street
Green Bay, WI. 54307
(920) 498-6841

From: Donald Crider [mailto:iammrelectric@hotmail.com]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Re: 2002 Understanding Volume 2

Yes, I am interested in the Volume 2 (understanding the nec 2002) information you have available. Using these texts as a reference in the classes has been a great asset in helping the students understand the terms used in the code and how the information is applied in the field. Again, thank you, Mike and all the others there that have been so helpful in keeping this profession up to date and helping to build a new professional,knowledgable student group for continuation of Expert Electrical Tradesman.

Don Crider

From: Bernesser, Paul C. [mailto:PCBE@Lubrizol.com]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com

Hi Sarina,

Just a note in response to the e-mail you sent. I’m getting ready to teach a grounding and bonding class using Mike’s 2002 edition. I thought this was one of the best references I’ve seen because it clarified things in terms that electrician’s are familiar with and the information was very practical for what we do. Early in the spring I plan on doing a class on motors and over current/over load protection using Mike’s books. I’ve already purchased Vol 1 of understanding the 2002 NEC and am using info from it, especially the test questions to teach my crew. I would like a set of those code tabs if they are still available.


ABC (Associated Building Contractors) continuing Electrical Education
Grounding class Starts 11/05/02 – (1 day per week) 12/17/02
29400 Lakeland Blvd.
Wickliffe Ohio 44092
Mail Drop 281f

From: Wayne Cook [mailto:wcook2@worldnet.att.net]
To: sarina@mikeholt.com
Subject: Understanding the NEC Good morning,

You may recall recent communications with me requesting a desk copy of Mike's "Understanding the NEC" and the accompany
workbook. I have received these and reviewed them. They are excellent, and will fulfill my instructing needs wonderfully.

At the time of my request for these books I had expected to teach "Code 1" in the Spring semester at a local college. Since I am a junior member of the adjunct facility at this college, I don't always get to teach the courses I prefer. That is the case this time.
I have been asked to teach "Code 3". Code 1 dovetails nicely with the textbook mentioned above, but is not appropriate for Code 3.

Code 3 is designed to provide a review for students that have completed previous Code classes and are contemplating sitting for their Journeyman' Exam. Here in Virginia, for at least the next year, this exam will be based on the 99 NEC. What I am requesting from you is information on textbooks and training aids based on the 99 NEC that would be appropriate for this course.

For your information, I will be teaching Code 1 starting in the fall semester of 2003, followed by Code 2 & Code 3. At that time I will be using your products mentioned above that are based on the 2002 Code.

As a follow up on a previous e-mail I sent to you, I had requested your directions as to what I should do with the desk copy of the materials I received. Are they considered complimentary, should I return them to you, or would you like to bill me? I just don't want to take advantage of your generosity.

Also, I would like to share something with you. As my instructing career begins to grow, I've noticed that I often mimic Mike's style and techniques. This is meant as a compliment. Mike, through his various videos and textbooks, is the only real instructor I ever utilized. I try to motivate and inspire my students, the same way he did me. I try to convey my interest and concern for the "whole student" and for our chosen profession. Even though I've only had about a minute to personally speak to Mike, I would have to consider him my mentor. If I am able to have the positive impact on my students to the degree that Mike has had on me, then I will consider my efforts a success.

With best regards,
Wayne Cook

From: Laura Vergeront
To: webmaster@mikeholt.com
Subject: great book

I'am not sure if this is the website to write to but I love your new Understanding the National Electrical Code 2002...I have your 1996 and 1999 issues as well as your calendar both monthly and daily. I loved your daily, please bring it back. Your cartoon characters are great especially the dog...nice touch. I am a teacher for electrical apprentices and this book will come in handy.

thank you

From: Rafael Echarri
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Thank you

Dear Sarina:

I assisted to the July seminar for the EC exam. It was very helpful for me and for my brother, i got 83 and my brother 86 points. I would like to thank you for advising me that seminar which really helped me to get my license and make my dreams come thru.

My personal opinion is that without that seminar i would have never gotten the license.

About the instructors they were both very professionals and very helpful. ( I am an Electrical Engineer, i went to FIU for years and i don't remember having a teacher like John.)

Thanks again

Rafael Echarri

From: Curt Hedges
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Four Color Understanding NEC Dear Sarina and Mike,

I am so impressed with the copies of the "Illustrated Changes to the NEC" and "Electrical Exam Preparation" that you sent me I want you to know I am taking these copies, for others to see, to an Instructor's meeting tonight for our orientation to the soon to start 2002/2003 year. I am also printing out the application below so other Instructor's will be aware of your products. I also plan to use these documents as a resource in the Fifth year class I will be teaching this year.

Thanks so much for the gift of these outstanding documents. I've been in this business as an Instructor, Contractor, Engineer, Electrician and Foreman for more than 42 years and these are the best instructional and resource documents I've seen yet. Keep up the good work. I hope I can direct more orders your way.

Curt Hedges, Instructor
Puget Sound Electrical JATC (Greater Seattle Area)

From: James Thomas
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Four Color Understanding NEC

Once again I would like to thank you for all that you have done and are doing in the electrical education industry.

James Thomas
James Sprunt Community College

From: Walter E Douglas
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Four Color Understanding NEC Received the Illustrated Changes to NEC.

Great job.

From: Mark Creed
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Four Color Understanding NEC

Ms. Snow
May i please /please/ receive a copy of your Understanding of the NEC? I am blown away by the the quality of product, generosity and commitment from you and mr. holt, my only regret is that there are so many others that will not continue their education, MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !!

Mark Creed
IBEW Local 701 JW 16 Yrs
Teach Transformers / Pipe Bending
Motors And Motor Control

From: Chuck Williams
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Four Color Understanding NEC

The book sounds great, this is not a surptise. All of MIke's work is excellent, and on point with what is needed for success for our students.

Chuck Williams
Workforce Training Center@ North Idaho College

I teach grounding, exam prep, NEC basics, calculations, etc...

From: Mike Talley
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Book

I just received in the mail the book on exam preparation. Thank you so much and yes I am very pleased with the color. I have the NEC handbook and have enjoyed the color in it this year. I use your book to help not only me but the students in my class. We use the IEC curriculum in the state of Idaho but I have used a lot of your books over the years I have been teaching for reference and this year have been marking my code book like Mike Holt recommends and have found it to be a great help in finding things I want in a hurry especially since the renumbering of a lot of the sections in the 2002 NEC. Anyway thank you for sending the book to me to review and I will look forward to getting into its pages in the near future.

Thanks Micheal

From: Bryan M. Gruber
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Electrician's Exam Book

First off I would like to thank you for offering the free electricians exam textbook. Secondly I would like to thank Mike and all his associates who make his web page possible, I have used the information from his site on numerous occasions to aid in instructing my students. My hats off to you people for an excellent job.

Thank You.

From: G. Scott Harding
To: Mike Holt
Subject: Grounding Video
Wanted to let you know that we've been using the grounding video for our latest round of in house training sessions for our electricians, apprentices and foreman. We do it in several small groups (9-12 people). Day 1 a group watches four hours of the video followed by a few hours of hands on experiments Dave & I came up with. Then on Day 2 they watch part two of the video followed by more hands on.

I wanted to let you know that many of our guys said it was the best in house training session we've ever had and one of our foreman who has been here 40 years told me that (after watching the video) for the first time ever everything finally tied in and came together for him on the subject (he was fairly knowledgeable on grounding prior to the session but this video truly closed all the loops for him). I wish I could forward you all of the compliments on your work as it has turned into an exceptional session.

We're getting ready to place an order for the books but I have held up waiting for the new book to come out. Do you have any idea when that will be? Please let me know as we'd like to order around 40-50 copies.
Best wishes and God Bless!

G. Scott Harding
F.B. Harding, Inc.

From: james piercy
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Electrician's Exam Preparation book

Sarena-- the Electrician's exam preparation book you recently sent to me is wonderful. It is very appropriate for apprenticeship programs and industrial training that I do. why don't you folks add a chapter on mesh and nodal analysis and a chapter on some of the classical electrical theorems ( Thevenin's , Norton, superposition ect) the book would be appropriate for two-year electrical technology programs in a 2-year college?

Jim Piercy

From: "Frank C. Morris" <fmorris@cox-internet.com>
To: "Snow, Sarina at Mike Holt" <Sarina@Milkeholt.com>
Cc: "Holt, Mike" <mike@mikeholt.com>
Subject: New Books


Just a quick note to say that you and Mike are constantly outdoing yourself. The new 2002 books are out of this world. The new style of printing paper, the layout and especially the brillant colors really does the trick. I have always thought that your books were a lot more professional that others because of the contents and the book itself. But now you have really surpassed everyone else.

Keep up the good work and don't go back to the old layout.


Frank C. Morris, CBO, CEAP
Tri-State Consultants
and Professor for Bossier Parish Community College

From: Jeff Larus
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: 2002 Code Change book

Hello Sarina,

Thank You for sending the Four color 2002 Code Change book it looks great. The graphics are terrific. I see you have your Exam Prep book out also, could I get a copy of that one also. I teach State mandated electrical continuing education classes for Lake Area Technical School out of Watertown SD and Western Dakota Technical School out of Rapid City SD.

Also I very much enjoy Mike's newsletters he sends out.

Thank You

Jeff Larus

From: John.Mccarthy
To: Sarina Snow
Subject: Feedback

I just wanted to thank you for the Illustrated Changes to the NEC. The layout of the book is excellent. The graphics make it very easy to explain a given situation. It seems students understand a lot better when they can see the picture.

From: Jim Jackson
To: Mike Holt
Subject: Ground Resistance Video


While reading news letter 08-16-2002, I came across "Note: A fascinating video or DVD ($20) demonstrating and explaining how to measure ground resistance is available. Call 1.888.632.2633."

I had just completed a grounding survey for our Telephone Utility and had been discussing the results with some of our electricians. Once I saw the video cost I knew I couldn't go wrong ordering.

First let me say the gentleman I placed the order with was helpful, polite and friendly ( something I find lacking more and more these days). The video itself was of good quality both in picture and sound. The technical info was to the point and easy for the electricians to understand. If I could make one comment about this video not having seen others you've produced, it would be more helpful if the video showed diagrams as to the set-up you were using.

While the guys did understand what you were doing I had to draw diagrams on our whiteboard so they could visualize the ground rod, fluke 87's and your extension cord power source.

Keep up the good work!

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