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Having issues activating your new online course

Check your browsers compatibility with our online courses

I’m having trouble logging in and can’t enter a course or when I enter the course it takes me in a loop back. What is wrong?

My Account

How do I change the email address and/or zip code on my account?

How do I fix my name if it is entered incorrectly?

How do I add my License Numbers?

Certificates - Continuing Education

When/How do I get my certificates?

Does the course I'm taking reciprocate to my other state licenses?

If a course is approved in multiple states, do I get more than one certificate?

Do you submit my credits to my state after I complete the course?


Do I have to finish my course all in one sitting?

Can I print out the course pages?

How do I save my progress?


Is Facial Recognition Required?

What are the computer requirements for Facial Recognition?

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