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Thanks for your interest in seeking a position on our Free Job Board. Here are the steps involved in posting:

Step 1. Register your information to create an account.
Step 2. Post the position you are seeking.
Step 3. Post is sent to be reviewed.
Step 4. Delete your post after finding a position*

*All postings automatically delete after 45 days. You can renew the listing if you are still seeking employment.

Important Information: Our goal on this Job Board is to provide a free resource to the industry. We ask that you help to make this successful by following the guidelines below.

  • You will only seek and post for jobs that are applicable to the electrical industry and only post positions for which you are qualified.
  • You will not post any content or material that promotes or endorses false or misleading information or illegal activities.
  • You agree to post in a manner that complies with local, national and international laws.
  • You will protect the privacy of respondents, and not use the information you receive to send unsolicited mail or email.
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