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Calgary, Alberta
Contact Gerry Stebnicki
Organization DraftLogic
403, 1240 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, Alberta, CN T2N3P7
Phone (403) 651-5950
Fax (403) 270-9358
Background Canadian electrical engineer with over 40 years of consulting experience in the building industry. One of the founders of Draftlogic a revolutionary software design tool for the electrical industry
Topics of Expertise Canadian electrical code, all electrical aspects of building electrical systems. Lighting design and emergency support systems. Life safety systems design. Software design tools to increase design and drawing production
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Contact Alberto Quiroz
Organization I-Gard Corp.
1-7615 Kimbel Street , CANADA
Mississauga, CN L5S1A
Phone (905) 673-1553
Fax (905) 673-8472
Background With over twenty years of both domestic and international experience, I-Gard?s full line of neutral grounding resistors, ground fault protection systems and power-resistor based solutions, provide world class power protection. I-Gard is acknowledged as the leader in the field of ground fault protection and power-resistor based solutions.
Topics of Expertise Ground Fault Protection
Grounding of Generators
Grounding of Transformers
Grounding of Electrical Systems
Artificial Neutrals
Neutral Grounding Resistors
Grounf Fault Protection Relays
People Protection against Ground Fault
High Resistance Grounding
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