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Hyderabad 500017 India
Contact Sitapati Rao Chengalva
Organization Individual
D-22, Ushodaya, Street No.2, , Tarnaka,
Hyderabad 500017 India, zOut 50017
Phone (111) 111-1111
Background Graduate in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay India.
Worked in Indian aero space. Had been senior director for a federal government electronics test laboratory that is accredited to ISO 17025 standard.
Presently I am consultant for CE Marking, ISO 9000 and such other certifications.
Had guided ESD manufacturing companies in development of products and evalution to international certifications
Topics of Expertise Specification testing
Product certification consultancy
Failure analysis
Planning ESD EMI shielding to reduce hazards
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Contact Bayu Utomo
Organization Germanischer Lloyd Nusantara
Jl.S.Parman Kav.62-63, 3rd. fl.
Jakarta, zOut 11410
Phone (081)730-3296
Background Inspection Service Company
Topics of Expertise Certification, Verification, Inspection, QA/QC Service
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