Mike Holt's Certified Instructor Program

Mike Holt's Certified Instructor Program

Take your training to the next level and become a Mike Holt Certified Instructor!

I would like you to know how much of a valuable resource you are to helping me be a good Apprentice Instructor. I feel like I have a valuable partner with me every night I am in the classroom. Keep up the great work!

Bob M More ...

Mike's 40+ years of training experience distilled into one powerful program!

  • Develop an understanding of who you are as an instructor.
  • Learn to maximize your strengths and abilities, and understand any weaknesses.
  • Discover new ways to connect with your students and enrich the learning environment.
  • Mike and the DVD panel discuss the nuances of presenting effectively in various settings; speaking from decades of combined personal experiences, they address challenges and provide practical solutions to help you be proactive and deliver the best learning experience possible.
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Become a Mike Holt
Certified Instructor

Take the online course and earn your Mike Holt Instructor certification credentials.

Includes textbook, DVDs, online-course and certification.


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