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  • Approvals happen at the Program/school (you) level. The Department of Labor, approves programs not the curriculum you are using for the program. However, our curriculum been approved in programs all across the United States and has never been the basis of a program being denied at the State or Federal level.
  • Each state is slightly different – in fact some states do not require that a program is approved and we can help you determine the requirements for your state.
  • The real question is can we help you get your program approved, and the answer is yes! We can help you with important strategies of how to get your program approved in your state using our content and we can offer you contact information for the departments you will need to contact in your State.

Our system is designed on the latest research of how students learn. All programs will include books for each student and this is automatically built into the cost of the program. For programs that want to run a more online experience, the books can be shared with students as a reference guide and to help those students who are tactile learners.

We provide a Great Instructor Certification online course with all adoptions to help each of your instructors improve their skills in the classroom and in student management. However, this course is not a requirement to use our program or teach our curriculum. We do however recommend that someone with a Master License (or Master level knowledge) is involved with the training in case the students get stuck with a technical concept.

We provide classroom presentations free of charge on qualified orders. For more information about how to qualify please contact or call us at 888.632.2633.

Yes, we can definitely help you through the process. Our complete apprenticeship program is organized and laid out logically with both video and curriculum support to walk you through each module. We can also help you work with your state to get the program approved. For more information contact or call us at 888.632.2633 so that we can walk you through the steps.


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