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Thanks for your interest in Mike Holt Training products. We are happy to provide free desk copies to instructor or trainers looking to review new products for their current or upcoming classes. If you have specific questions about our discounts, our apprenticeship curriculum, free Power Points, Exam View Files, or Online Testing then please give our office a call at 888.632.2633. We look forward to helping you build your training program and are here to help you in any way that we can.
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This form will allow you to request one review copy. If you are adopting materials for multiple classes or your school is looking to adopt a completely new curriculum please contact us so that we can get review copies to all members of your team. You can reach us at 888.632.2633 or email

NEC® Edition Product
2014 2017 2020 Changes to the NEC
2014 2017 2020 Electrical Exam Preparation
2014 2017 2020 Understanding the NEC Volume 1 [90-450]
2014 2017 2020 Understanding the NEC Volume 2 [500-820]
2014 2017 2020 Bonding and Grounding
2014 2017 2020 NEC Requirements for Limited Energy
and Communications Systems
2014 2017 2020 NEC Requirements for Solar PV Systems
2014 Essential Rules of the NEC
Business Management book
Power Quality Book
Motor Control Book
Electrical Theory

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