AFCI - MikeScrews Up

Mike, I really appreciate your keeping this issue going because we all need to know the facts when it finally comes down to keeping or rejecting NEC 210-12. However, the newsletter containing Mr. Browns negative vote on AFCI was not worthy of your newsletter. There is enough false information already without your adding to it.

  1. Who is this Mr. Brown? He is not on CMP-2 as far as I can find out.
  2. Where did he get these outrageous cost figures? It reads like some tabloid. I challenge that it is total BS. Give me something that I can verify.
  3. The cost of an AFCI breaker? I just called Home Depot and was quoted $39.97 for a 15 amp Square D QO- AFCI. Not quite the $160. or even the $95. wholesale per Mr. Brown.

As one who has followed the subject, it seems to me that of the intelligent people who have good knowledge on the subject of AFCI, it is about 50/50 on wheather the want to keep NEC 210-12 or delete it until AFCI devices are able to mitigate a greater range of dangerous arcs.

You can argue that fire ststistics are severely lacking and that the current Branch/Feeder AFCI in it's current form, while being a "safer" breaker, will not detect a large enough percentage of arcs to warrant being in the NEC. You can argue that Codes should only mandate requirements that can be "proven" to provide safety. But there is no reason to perpetuate rumor or fabricated hype, as this is from Mr. Brown. That is if there really is a Mr. Brown. Let's hear more facts from "reputable" sources. Dan Prater, Jupiter, Fl. -

Mike's Comment: Dan you are 100% right and I am sorry. I was in a hurry (yea, yea, that's the ticket, I was in a hurry) and I quickly cut the comment and pasted it into a newsletter. My intent was to let people, know that there was additional info available on the Code Panels actions via the ROP and ROC. You are correct, the cost of an AFCI breaker is between $30-$40. Actually I was in a hurry to get to Dallas and Houston for two days of seminars for Leviton. What I should have done was include the entire proposal with all of the Code Panels actions. I was wrong and I thank you for keeping me on my toes.

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