This is the fifth of a series of newsletters published on Business Management and Management Skills. Not all topics discussed will apply to your business, but each section will be beneficial to establish company goals and objectives. By reading and studying these newsletter articles, you’re taking the first step in achieving your goals.

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Certainly, your business demands your attention for long-range planning and day-to-day administration; however, don’t neglect outside activities that are necessary to enjoy a balanced life. Schedule time for family activities. Take an active part in social affairs, religious worship, and hobbies. Select activities that develop not only your body but your mind as well. Take time to smell the roses!

One of the biggest dangers a business owner faces is allowing his or her work to overshadow all other areas of life. Make no mistake about it, your business will influence your selection of clothes, cars, speech, where you go and even what you read and think about. Without a good balance between professional time and personal time, you will not be able to develop the effective leadership and management skills that are vital to managerial success.


Burnout is indicated by a lack of motivation, a “don’t care” attitude. It involves emotional and sometimes physical withdrawal from a formerly enjoyable activity. Keep a watchful eye out for signs of “burnout,” both in your life and the lives of your family members and employees. This may occur during times of short deadlines and heavy production workloads. It’s wise for you and your employees to realize that in situations like this, there is a time when the workload will lessen.

Once you recognize the symptoms of burnout, take positive steps to counter its negative effects. Evaluate situations objectively and then formulate and implement solutions. Occasionally, job tasks will need to be totally restructured. Simply rotating assigned tasks may alleviate feelings of boredom or repetition.

A good antidote for burnout is to get involved with outside interests that you find relaxing - sports, social meetings, club memberships, etc. Get away from business to relax and enhance your creativity.

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