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Methods and machines that worked in the past may not work today. Awareness of change makes management more innovative but it does require an entire laundry list of abilities. None of these is more important than an organizational mindset that accepts, adopts, implements, and then wholeheartedly executes positive change.

Technological advances occur at rapid and varying rates. This results in methods, materials, machines and even manpower that worked well in the past becoming obsolete by today’s standards. Managers must not only be aware of external changes that have an influence upon their organizations; they must be in a position to move their companies in time with these changes. Change can harbor opportunities for increased profit margins. To name a few, profits are available to the contractor in communications and data cable installations, fire alarms, and solid-state electronics.

Reluctance to recognize and respond to change can create a situation of crisis management. Wanting to learn and keeping abreast of new developments comes easier than having to do it. Your ability to accept initial failures improves your chances of final success. Read trade publications, join associations, and attend meetings. Become involved and active, and you will also become current and up-to-date.

Management as well as field and office employees must understand the inevitability of change and the necessity to grow with it in order to remain competitive. It’s natural for employees to resist change because their thinking tells them it’s easier to do things the same way they’ve always done them. Everyone has his or her own level of resistance to change but if you exercise patience and don’t press them, your better employees will come around on their own.

Changes in our economy and society require a different organizational flexibility than that found years ago. A spirit of acceptance of innovative change and the challenges associated with it must exist in those firms that are desirous of being gold metal winners in the economic competition we call business.

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