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Crisis Management occurs when there is no control.

Effective management is concerned with long-range planning, establishing objectives, and developing policies that will carry out these objectives. However, if all of the manager’s time is taken up by putting out fires, or reacting and not initiating, then you have an atmosphere of Crisis Management that retards the growth, expansion and especially the profitability of the company. Crisis management is usually the result of improper planning.

This management method requires one to deal with the most serious problem right now. All other problems take a back seat and are not dealt with until the next major crisis arises. Obviously, there is no control, and no planning. The result is an epidemic growth in negative stress.

To avoid working in an atmosphere of crisis management, pay attention to what you are doing. Learn to set priorities. Delegate effectively and have confidence that the individuals who are assigned to do a task will perform it to the best of their abilities.

Crisis management occurs when there is no planning.
Know what you have to do and set goals.
Eliminate tasks that waste time or could be delegated to someone else.
Know what you have to do, plan your course of action, and do it now!

Crisis management negatively affects all areas of your business from job management to financial management - as well as all areas in between.

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