This is the 18th of a series of newsletters published on Business Management and Management Skills. Not all topics will apply to your business, but each section will be beneficial to establish company goals and objectives. By reading and studying these newsletter articles, you’re taking the first step in achieving your goals.

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Many industries have associations comprised of companies actively engaged in transacting business in that field. They typically schedule meetings, trade shows, develop standards, and publish many worthwhile publications. These are prime sources of information about current and future trends and pending legislation relating to business in general and specific industries. A manager must be informed in order to make correct and timely decisions.

Just as the computers in your firm must be networked together to share data, you must also develop a human network of links. By becoming active in various business and social organizations, you’ll enhance your own professional reputation, increase your knowledge, and open pathways to your business. You can start by attending meetings, then volunteering to work on a committee or even head one up. Once you’ve been involved, you can add that to your resume. You are also a high-profile contact for potential customers, but what you really get is a whole set of contacts who remember your hard work and dedication. Don’t throw that away!

The rewards of participation in these activities should be enough to warrant your continued attendance. If you find that it’s causing a problem, reevaluate your association memberships and select those that you derive the most benefit from. Knowing how to and becoming an effective manager of your time is vital to enhancing your productivity.

Ask yourself - “What technical skills and certifications have you acquired lately?” Which of these have your competitors acquired? Which of these do your customers seem interested in? Have you even asked? If you don’t have the latest skills and let your customers and potential customers know, you’re giving business to the competition.

Never allow external commitments to control your schedule to the detriment of your business or your equally vital private life.

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