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As a business owner, there are many areas concerned with legal affairs that you should have a basic knowledge of. Attorneys possess not only knowledge of the law and the courts, but legal advice as well. Advice can be divided into three types: good, bad, and free. Free legal advice can be worth just what you paid for it. Lawyers (both yours and the other guy’s) are expensive. Be prepared before you bring in an attorney; learn a bit about the laws that relate to business.

It is suggested that you enlist the aid of an attorney when preparing contracts and other legal documents. They know the specific words and terms that must be included in order for you to come out on top in a court of law. Ask your advisors for the name of a good attorney, get to know your attorney, and develop a solid business relationship. If you don’t have confidence in your attorney’s ability to fight for and defend you, then you need to find another one. The following are some basic recommendations relative to legal business affairs:

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