This is the 25th of a series of newsletters published on Business Management and Management Skills. Not all topics will apply to your business, but each section will be beneficial to establish company goals and objectives. By reading and studying these newsletter articles, you’re taking the first step in achieving your goals.

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When you’re getting started in business, you’ll feel you must bid on every job that comes along. This is natural and it’s okay. This gives you plenty of opportunities to practice your estimating skills. However, if you provide your customers with a quality job at a fair price, you’ll become busy and will need to be selective of the jobs you bid on.

Don’t say “yes” or “maybe” when you want to say “no.” Be assertive, not deceptive. Don’t accept a job that won’t let you recover your cost, or take on responsibility when you have no obligation. Resistance to sales efforts by others may not come easy, but don’t let yourself be talked into doing anything that is contrary to your company’s best interests. Say “no” and mean it!

Although it may be difficult at first, with practice you’ll find it easier to draw the line tactfully and protect your time. Said correctly, people usually respond well to a “no.” It requires clear, logical thinking. Don’t be wishy-washy!

You can reduce your aggravation level by saying “no” to a situation you cannot handle, or don’t choose to handle. Be realistic when making a schedule. Consider what you’re actually able to do versus what you would like to do. There is nothing wrong with saying “no” if you know that added responsibility will cause a serious problem with your schedule. A survey suggested that if you were to say “no,” your answer would be correct 80 percent of the time.

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