This is the 60th of a series of newsletters published on Business Management and Management Skills, and is the start of Chapter 3 on Job Management. Not all topics discussed will apply to your business, but each section will be beneficial to establish company goals and objectives. By reading and studying these newsletter articles, you’re taking the first step in achieving your goals.

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Proper Job Management requires much more than supervision of employees. You must remain aware of all factors concerned with on-the-job performance. This means having the proper materials and tools on-site or in inventory, knowing the proper amount of inventory to carry, familiarizing yourself with local codes, developing relationships with inspectors, and much more.

This portion of the Business Management workbook will take you step-by-step through critical areas of Job Management.

Training is critical, not only for you but your staff members as well. Plan to use training facilities in your organization and outside educational sources to prepare yourself and your employees for more responsibilities and greater earning opportunities.

If no in-house training is now in effect, plan to begin a program of continuing education as soon as possible. Training your employees in current methods and the use of new materials will result in higher proficiency. Training should include consistent adherence to safety standards. Consistency and well-trained personnel will ultimately result in an organization that is finely tuned to current trends with proven track records of safety and profit.

Remember that quality Job Management also involves directing your employees through delegation of responsibility and accountability, and identification of corporate goals and duties.

Mike Holt’s Comment: I would like to extend a special thank you to L.W. Brittian, a Mechanical & Electrical Instructor in Lott, Texas, for reviewing and editing the various articles in these newsletters. His comments and suggestions have been invaluable in the preparation of my Business Management and Management Skills’ Workbook. This newsletter article was extracted from that workbook. Watch for our next newsletter, and as always, we encourage your comments and feedback. Send us your real-life experiences. Please respond to

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