The four most basic needs of an individual are food, clothing, shelter, and freedom from fear. Most individuals begin a job in order to fill these four basic needs in their lives. With luck and careful selection of employees, you’ll find that they will develop a fifth “need” - that is to grow to become an integral and confident part of your organization.

Allowing individuals to fill their most basic needs on the job, and at the same time develop their personal skills and abilities to become more productive and proficient for your organization is important. Unacceptable behavior in the workplace must not be tolerated. Make sure that your firm has and enforces policies that do not tolerate negative behavior among employees.

When employees must work late to complete company business, make sure that they have someone check on them from time to time. Maintenance of outdoor lighting for access and egress during darkness is important when you leave the office at 10:00 p.m., only to enter a dark parking lot.

Treat your employees with consideration, thoughtfulness and understanding. Greet them each day, compliment them for appearance or accomplishment and, most importantly, listen to them when they speak to you.

NOTE: The next newsletter we’ll be publishing will be on Company Policy (#78), and it is a closely related topic. Be sure to review that section also in this series of articles on Labor Management.

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