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Let your employees know that they are part of a team. Assure them that each individual's efforts contribute to the team's success and financial well-being of your business.

There is a certain amount of interdependence required of all employees. Although each individual is required to perform to his/her best ability, it's the total performance that determines success or failure.

In order to improve the spirit of teamwork in your organization, underscore how each individual must depend upon the work of others for overall success. Don't overlook your employees as a source of information to improve teamwork. Your employees see you in all situations and are the object of your efforts. Be open to feedback and have the flexibility to change if there's a better alternative.

Teams either pull together or pull apart. When a team pulls apart, conflict and dissension can undermine self-confidence, disrupt concentration and interfere with individual performance. You need key players who will look after your interests. The following will help you get your team to pull together:

  • Help your employees see the consequences of pulling apart - poor individual and team performances, unhappiness, conflict, etc. Then tell them how pulling together will help the team be more successful.
  • Hold each individual responsible for promoting this pulling together attitude by supporting and encouraging co-workers.
  • Set goals and encourage all employees to work toward achieving these goals.

Empower others through teamwork. Don't be afraid of delegating responsibility to others. If you've followed proper hiring methods, you should have confidence in the individuals you choose to delegate responsibility to.

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Business Management 101 — 2002
The field of Business Management encompasses many activities that influence the profitability of your company either directly or indirectly. Many of these activities are interlinked one to the other making separation of individual activities a bit difficult. To facilitate your grasp of the uniqueness of the individual activities of management, this workbook is divided into the following four general subject areas. Only topics unique to each subject area are included so that you may at first develop an understanding of the simpler individual parts. With a fundamental understanding of these under your belt, the integrated natur of business management will be easier to internalize, facilitating a solid understanding of the field of Business Management.

In the course of developing these workbooks, it was determined that several topics warrant far greater detail than can be included within the scope of workbooks of this type. As you go through this series of Business Management, on occasion you’ll notice references to other workbooks in this series. Each of these covers specific topics in greater detail. These additional workbooks will aid in your continuing education in the area of Business Management.

  • Chapter 1 - Business Management
  • Chapter 2 - Financial Management
  • Chapter 3 - Job Management - (Project)
  • Chapter 4 - Human Asset Management - (Employees)

A master table of contents is provided at the beginning of this workbook and each section has its own table of contents for easier referencing of material. To further aid comprehension, as each topic is covered the reader is presented with a sheet and a series of questions. These questions aid in the development of a listing of individual objectives that lead incrementally to obtainment of your goal of improving your business management abilities.

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