Labor Management Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is not only a problem for the young. The term peer pressure is often used by parents who are concerned about their children following the example of the "wrong" type of crowd, particularly in the use of drugs. But, it isn't just affecting children.

Don't be affected by what other people do or feel unless it's something you agree with. For instance, if you're an electrical contractor, don't do commercial work if you prefer residential, merely because "everyone" says you can't make money doing it. You can't get ahead that way.

It's unfortunate but true - people like to make others feel stupid. Putting someone down is somehow easier than building another up emotionally. Many people often give opinions and recommendations without knowing the facts. And, sadly, people don't like to see other people become successful.

Everyone wants to feel accepted and, unfortunately, many times we adjust our behavior and attitudes to match those of the majority, giving little consideration to our own basic feelings. This certainly increases the stress level of individuals.

Assess your own strengths and limitations objectively. Make your decisions and perform your activities based on your own knowledge and ability. If you elect to receive advice and opinions, do so with an open mind. A bit of old-time wisdom fits in here very appropriately - "To thine own self be true." Usually, you can't go wrong!

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