Dear Mike,

I need some information about the following aspect. Could you or any of the News letter members help me out?

I have read some article stating that there are some equipments which will sense the Voltage fluctuations in the State grid net work in advance and correct the Consumer plant system voltage within 5 cycles so that the down stream equipment does not experience any Voltage dip and this will take care of even 50% dip. As an additional benifit this equipment will also absorb harmonics and improves Plant voltages and Power factor.Ours is a Petro chemical plant where we receive Power at 20 KV level from State Grid and average plant load is about 25 MW comprising of loads at 11 KV , 3.3 KV and 400 V level and quite a lot inverter driven motors.

I wish to know the experience of the Members with this kind of Voltage Correcting equipment where it is used at such high plant loads and the reference of the Vendor.

Thanks and Regards,

T.Prasada Reddy

PT.Polysindo Eka Perkasa



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