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Newsletter Member In Iraq Needs Help


I am in Iraq working as a QA Inspector on a 132 KV line running from a 40MW L6000 turbine generator to Al Amara. I work for the Army Corps of Engineers and have enjoyed your web site for 3 years now.

My dilemma is this: We have one contractor doing the turbine generator and another doing the power line. My job is to do QA on the power line and he has posed some questions regarding the clearances in the turbine switchyard and a turning pole located just outside the switchyard. We are trying desperately to finish by 30 June. My question is: In a 132KV switchyard connecting to a T-line what are the required clearances at the switchyard connection point and the next connection point whether it be a gantry or turning pole? In my case this is a turning pole that has the first conductor about 30' from the ground and other conductors 14' apart. The gantry inside the switchyard is more than that, although I can't seem to get drawings. Much of the work over here is based on British standards but I only wanted to reflect the stateside view. A great deal of money is being spent over here and I only want to speak intelligently about a "Safe" installation.

Thanks a lot Mike and any help will be appreciated.

God Bless,
Tom from Iraq

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