Mike I have a question regarding Federal Pacific and there stab lock panels. I recently did some research into this matter to see if the consumer protection agency ever issued a public notice or "Buyer Beware" type agenda to anyone who has this type of panel in there home. As an electrician myself, I have seen and worked around these panels before and can't stress my concerns about this issue enough. We all joke about these panels from time to time and call them welding panels, but the truth is there is no joking when a home catches fire due to these breakers not tripping. The most frightening part is there are still homes in the US that have these panels. From the research I gathered I found it interesting that breakers that have never been switched on or off since the service was installed have a 25% failure rate, and breakers that have been switched mechanically have a 36% failure rate.

In my search I found dozens off home inspection websites that list these panels as a potential hazard. Is there a web site with information about the company (Federal Pacific) and the history behind these panels? What other information can you give my about this matter. As electricians we should all be aware off the dangers involved with these panels. I enjoy your website very much, keep up the good work.

Thanks, Ben Ruppel

Mike Holt’s Comment: If you have any information or experience with this product, please let me know so we can pass it along.

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