TEDMAG.com has posted a 4-part extravaganza -- on the 2003 construction forecast. Here's what's in there, and where to find it.

Part 1 -- The Economic Backdrop

-- economists who do construction forecasts have come very close to consensus about how 2003 will turn out for the national economy. Are you worried now?

-- plus: the bubble has not yet burst!


Part 2 -- Non-Residential Markets

-- big declines in office, industrial, warehouse + hotel/motel

-- retail construction is kinda OK

-- healthcare & educational building are doing great

-- plus: precisely how can anyone apply the word "sweep" to the recent elections?


Part 3 -- Residential + A Few Other Markets

-- low interest rates sustain new housing

-- plus: what China is doing, and will do, to the U.S. manufacturing base (it's not good).


Part 4 -- Our World Comes To An End

-- key facts about the national economy's continuing under-the-radar deterioration, in one place.

-- advice on where, precisely, to put your money now http://www.tedmag.com/default.asp?pagenumber=333

Written by Joe Salimando

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