Electrical Exam Preparation

I recently ordered your Exam Prep books. I have to tell you that they are the best study books out there. Not only did I use them, but I also loaned them to a friend who was taking the test before me. He was confident he knew the Code, but he was not so confident about knowing the NEC Code book. Well, I am happy to say that he did very well and passed the test with a 90 something!

I have been using the theory/math information in the front of the book since my math is not so good (you tend to forget some of that stuff after graduation), and I’m also using the questions.

I understand that you are in business to make money, but it is my sincere belief that you put this book out to help the electrical trade. The Prep questions are awesome and I would recommend this book to anyone.

Please feel free to give out my E-mail address to anyone that would like to ask me questions about this.

Matt Krueger, switchgear0@hotmail.com

Mike Holt’s Comment: It is true that I am in business to support my family, but it’s equally true that I enjoy providing a service to the industry to help others become more successful. For this privilege I thank God for giving me the skill, the heart, and the opportunity.

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