Computer - Sensitive Equipment - Grounding Question


I am consulting on the final design for a 72,000 square foot library and am currently focused on creating the specifications for a distributed "technology voice/data/power network".

In the new facility, there will be 175 networked computers with monitors, 25 printers (some networked), 10 multifunction networked copier/printer/scanner/fax devises, and various other pieces of sensitive electronic equipment. A review of existing electrical standards, guidelines, etc. has left me with more questions than answers re; the best and most pragmatic approach to recommend re the installation of power circuits for electronically sensitive equipment.

  • Is it "best practice" to specify that dedicated circuit's terminated in Isolated Ground receptacles is the best approach to minimizing noise and insuring quality power?
  • Should all "technology or sensitive equipment" receptacles be serviced by circuits that are terminated in separate (from all other circuits) "technology panels" with TVSS devises.
  • Is there any value in specifying a "Super neutral"

Any information re: best practices, standards, etc. that is available for reference would be greatly appreciated.

Peter L. Maas
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