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Grounding Quiz I

Myths of Grounding

  1. Electricity always takes the path of least resistance.
    True or False

  2. In current flow, electrons leaving a grounded power supply are trying to get to back to earth ground.
    True or False

  3. A 15-ampere breaker will ultimately trip if an energized 120-volt conductor is directly attached to an isolated ground rod that has a measured ground resistance of 25 ohms.
    True or False

  4. A ground rod at a metal light pole with no equipment ground (green wire) serves to reduce the touch potential and makes the installation safer.
    True or False

  5. The grounding electrode for a 480 x 120/208 volt transformer (separately derived service) is intended to help remove dangerous voltage (touch potential) that can be imposed on the metal parts of the electrical system from a line-to-ground fault.
    True or False

  6. Ground rods are not required at a separate building supplied by a 60 ampere 4 wire feeder (120/240 V -, 2 hots, neutral and ground, with the neutral floated at the separate building disconnect).
    True or False

  7. The connection to the earth (ground) is important for proper operation of Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSSs)?
    True or False

  8. The connection to the earth (ground) creates a new zero reference. And the lower the ground, the lower the zero reference.
    True or False

  9. Grounding (earth connection) metal parts to the earth helps reduce stray voltage.
    True or False

  10. Grounding at service equipment helps in protecting interior wiring from transient voltage caused by lightning.
    True or False

Answer Key: All are false.

Mike's Comment: If you disagree with my answer key, give me a technical source that supports your argument.

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