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Grounding and Bonding Causing Water Pipe Damage?

According to the NEC, we are required to use the underground metal water pipe (10 ft or more) as the required grounding electrode [250.50] and we are required to bond the aboveground metal water piping system to the grounded (neutral) service conductor [250.104(A)].

Our projects Plumbing contractor is stating that in previous projects that they have experienced leaks in their copper joints and if I (inspector) enforce this requirement I will be promoting leaks.

Have you or any of your subscribers ever run into this situation, and can someone give me the straight facts? Does the grounding or bonding of metal piping (not just limited to plumbing) create a condition where it deteriorates the piping system? If yes, how does this occur and under what conditions would this happen?


Richard Ortega, Electrical Inspector

P.S. Our project is a 20-story Research Building

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