Promote Your Training Facility for Free

Would you like us to help you promote your school or training facility to hundreds of thousands of electrical professionals, at no charge? Well we can with our new "School Rolodex," which is designed to help you let others know about your training facility.

Getting a link to your organization on our website is sure to generate interest in your training program. This "free" service is just another way for us to help the industry promote a safe electrical installation.

Here's how it works. If a person is interested in electrical training, continuing education, exam preparation, or NEC Update, etc., they would simply click on the state to find your listing.

If you would like more information, visit,, click on the "Find a School" link and see how it works or visit:

Get LOTS of FREE training materials such as books, video tapes, DVDs, PowerPoint Slides, HERE: and

For more information, contact Sarina, 1.877.NEC.Code 1.877.632.2633

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