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Use the Code Forum as a Teaching Aid


I am an electricity instructor (Charlottesville - Albemarle Technical Education Center).

I enjoy your web site very much, and it is of great assistance to my first and second year students. I make copies of the weekly code pictures, forum questions, and answers to help show and explain how hard the NEC can be at times. So far the students enjoy seeing the pictures and not just talking about the subject. They have commented that I need to draw and color pictures like you do!

I think they want me to become an artist as well. All jokes aside, they also like having classroom discussions about the different questions posted to your forum. I'll read (random pick) one of the questions, and tell them how many people have responded with answers. Then I let them research the question in the NEC and come up with their own answers. Once they've done that, I go through and read some of the answers posted to the forum to find out how well the class performed in their answers.

Keep up the great work and my personal thanks for providing free information to help in my task of teaching high school students. Forgive me, as I did not attempt to list everything that you are providing free to everyone, too much to list.

"May God bless your family and you for helping others."

Cecil C. Hicks

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