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Canadian Brother Needs Help

In the early 80's Section 60 relating to communications circuits and Section 54 relating to Cable TV, satellite dishes, etc were removed from the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. These are part of the Canadian Electrical Code and in force in all other provinces and territories in Canada. The Canadian Electrical Code is similar in many ways to the NEC. Without these sections reinstated we in Ontario will continue to have an unregulated industry where unsafe practices and sub standard work and materials will continue to go undetected.

I have been trying to have these sections reinstated and I need your help in order to accomplish this. To be more specific, I need the following:

  1. Specific instances of fire and shock hazards in relation to Communication cabling installations.
  2. Identify specific concerns such as fire and shock hazards and provide data.
  3. Identify the specific safety concerns such as fire and shock hazards and related to accidents, incidents, fires, injuries or fatalities to support these concerns.
  4. Assess what you feel are the cost implications associated with the imposition of new regulation and inspection requirements in this area.

I am requesting help in the way of examples in relation to the above three areas. Any information anyone can provide will be sincerely welcomed. I hope to attend a meeting on June 29th., armed with enough data to have these sections reinstated.

Information can be e-mailed to:
Or mailed to: 6117 Clover Ridge Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 7B2
Or Faxed to: Fax: 905-824-7504,

William Graham

Electrical Contractor #E2224 Electrical Journeyman Red Seal IP #162

Mike Holt's Comment: This is like the NFPA removing important safety requirements from Chapter 8 from the NEC! I can't believe that the Canadian Code does not have any installation requirements for communications circuits and systems. I hope that someone at the NFPA will contact the Canadian Code standards organization to help them understand the importance of maintaining a safe electrical system, and this includes Communications systems.

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