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Dupont Enters the Cabling Contracting Arena with a Twist

New DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services Help
Ensure Code Compliance and Safer Building Infrastructure

Unique Market Offering Will Help Reduce Uncontrolled Build-Up of Building Cables

On May 02, 2005, DuPont announced DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services, a suite of services designed to bring compliance with building codes on cabling.

According to the (NFPA), approximately 60 billion feet of communications cabling has been installed in the United States. DuPont believes a significant percentage of that cabling has been abandoned in buildings and represents a large potential hazard.

With SIXTY BILLION FEET of abandoned cable in the US workplace to be removed, the cost will be staggering. Who will pay for this awesome cleanup and who is qualified to do the job? Most of the abandoned communications cable contains heavy metals like LEAD, as well as materials that may create deadly toxic gasses under heat decomposition. Some of these cables may be classified as HAZMAT and may require special (and expensive) handling in the waste stream. Building owners are preparing to deal with the potential liabilities and health risks associated with this issue.

In a press release DuPont stated, "DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services will provide assessment services for identification and reporting of abandoned cable hazards in office buildings; planning for infrastructure improvement and management; connections with local labor; and removal and recycling logistics. This packaged offering is available to building owners, property managers, tenants, and corporate network engineers responsible for ensuring that their facilities meet the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) National Electric Code (NEC) requirement to remove abandoned cabling from buildings.

"The NEC requirement clearly recognizes that generations of abandoned wires and cables needlessly increase the fire fuel load on commercial buildings," said Pat Lindner, global business manager of DuPont Communications Cabling Solutions. "DuPont is committed to providing our customers with the best products and services to protect people and buildings from the damaging effects of fire."

DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services are delivered through professional auditors, local DuPont preferred network contractors and exclusive recycling technology. The DuPont preferred contractor network, comprised of referrals to experienced contractors trained on responsible removal practices and efficient 'removal for recycling' techniques, is available in all North American major metropolitan areas, including the Washington DC/Baltimore area, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago. End-of-life and abandoned cables are recycled from the client's site into reusable streams of copper and separated plastics.

In the press release for this new area of service offering, DuPont did not provide the criteria for selecting their "preferred network contractors" nor was there any detailed information on the "exclusive recycling technology".

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