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To: All Our Friends From Fotec and Fiber U/Cable U
From: Jim And Karen Hayes
Re: What We're Up To Now
Date: July 17, 2002

As most of you know, we are no longer associated with Fotec. Many seem to think that after selling the company to Fluke Networks, we'd retire. HARDLY!

We have started a new company, VDV Works LLC, and our primary focus is on something a number of our friends in the VDV business have already asked us about - what's going to happen to the enormously popular websites and training programs we had created at Fotec.

Well, those websites are gone!  All that great content -the "magnet" that drove all that traffic (about 750,000 hits per month) to the and websites  has disappeared.

What we're doing now at VDV Works is creating new content - primarily technical content for websites - and training focused on fiber optics and voice-data-video (VDV) cabling.

The first sample of our work is the new, improved "Lennie Lightwave's Guide To Fiber Optics" at Yes! Lennie is back with us, and so is Uncle Ted! "Uncle Ted's Guide to Cat 5/5e/6" and some sample web-based training will be on the web this Fall.

We'll be offering our services and technical content to companies and organizations - that's the basis for VDV Works business. We'll be working with companies who want to market their products successfully into the VDV market where many of the customers are novices, desperately looking for understandable technical education.

Of course, we'll continue with our monthly columns in Electrical Contractor and TED, and we'll be adding a new column for The Fiber Optic Association in Fiberoptic Product News that starts soon. Our new training program, VDV Academy, will debut at the NECA VDV Expo next March. We're even getting started on the second edition of Data Voice and Video Cabling for Delmar Publishing.

Guess it's just hard to get a couple of workaholics to slow down...

Jim + Karen Hayes

Jim Hayes

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