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Overcurrent Protection

240.2 Definitions

The following definitions were added for Article 240:

Current-Limiting Overcurrent Protective Device. A current-limiting overcurrent protective device that will reduce the fault current to a magnitude substantially less than that obtainable in the same circuit if the current-limiting device were replaced with a conductor.

Author’s Comment: This definition is needed in the application of the requirements for disconnecting means for fuses [240.40] and noninterchangeable of cartridge fuseholders [240.60(B)]. This definition was located in Section 240-11 in the 1999 NEC.

Tap Conductors. As used in this article, a tap conductor is defined as a conductor, other than a service conductor, that has overcurrent protection ahead of its point of supply, that exceeds the value permitted for similar conductors that are protected as described elsewhere in this section. Figure 240–1

Author’s Comment: This definition is needed in the application of the requirements for Branch Circuit Taps [210.19(D) and ‘Feeder Tap Conductors [240.21(B)]. The text was slightly revised to clarify that service conductors are not to be considered tap conductors. This definition was located in Section 240-3(e) in the 1999 NEC.

Intent: The purpose of adding a section for definitions was to make it easier to apply the requirements contained in Article 240.

Figure 240-1
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