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90.2 Scope of the NEC

This subsection was revised to group similar types of installations together and to make it easier to read. The first sentence was revised to read:

(A) What is Covered by the Code. This Code covers the installation requirement for electric conductors, electric equipment, signaling and communications conductors and equipment, was well as fiber optic cables and raceways for the following applications: Figure 90–1
(1) Public and private premises including buildings or structures, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and floating buildings.
(2) Yards, lots, parking lots, carnivals, and industrial substations.
(3) The installations of conductors and equipment that connect to the utility supply
(4) Installations in electric utility office buildings, warehouses, garages, machine shops, recreational buildings, or other electric utility buildings that are not an integral part of the utilitiy's generating plant, substation, or control center.
NOTICE: Underlining of any text is intended to represent the change in the 2002 NEC from the 1999 NEC. It is not intended to represent an Internet link.
Author’s Comment: Lighting equipment located in legally established easements, or right-of-ways, such as at poles supporting transmission or distribution lines, are exempt from the requirements of the NEC, [see 90.2(B)(5)]. However, if the electric utility provides site and public lighting on private property, then the installation must comply with NEC requirements [90.2(A)(4)]. Figure 90–2
Intent: The change to 90.2(A) is intended to clarify that signaling (Chapter 7) and communications (Chapter 8) cables and raceways must be in compliance with the NEC.

Figure 90–1
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Figure 90–2
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